Branding a College

If you’ve spent time on our website lately or have had a chance to peruse the new brochures we share with prospective students considering Saint Mary’s, you probably noticed a shift in our look and feel, with striking new design and compelling photography. Evolving and invigorating our brand will appeal to the modern sensibilities of a new generation of students, while also remaining true to the Catholic values that have always anchored the College. These students will see vibrant activity on our campus, as well as our deep connections to the University of Notre Dame. They will also be introduced to  our new undergraduate academic experience—Avenue, a program two years in the making—where every student, from day one through graduation, embarks on a process of discovery, career exploration, and leadership development. 

Our refreshed brand look is designed to communicate a bold vision for Saint Mary’s, one that meets the demands of today’s students for real-world relevancy and career preparation. It forms a dramatic and exciting background for new messaging, inviting prospective students and their families to discover the unique advantages to be found here. It calls them to come to Saint Mary’s and embark on their own personalized Avenue experience and to learn what it means to Stand in Your Power.

January 10, 2024


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