IMPORTANT: Deadline for Boosters is Now January 21

The following letter was sent to students on December 22, 2021 with an updated deadline to receive the COVID-19 vaccination booster.


Dear Students,

Today we announce the deadline for students to provide proof of their COVID-19 vaccine booster is now January 21, 2022*. This is a change from the previous date of February 28. In the time since we announced the extension of our vaccine requirement to include the booster, the number of breakthrough COVID cases for those who are fully vaccinated continues to increase. In addition, the University of Notre Dame announced yesterday a change in date for its booster requirement to January 21. Because many of you attend classes at the University, and socialize with tri-campus students, this measure helps protect our entire community.  

This requirement applies to students who live on campus, as well as those with off-campus housing who take in-person classes, or use any of the College’s on-campus services. If you previously received an exemption from the required COVID-19 vaccination and it is still active, you do not need to reapply for an exemption from the booster.

We have created a resource page on the All Together website where you can find information pertaining to this extended requirement.

If you have already received an additional vaccine, please enter the date of your booster into Medicat, our medical records system. Everyone will need to enter their information prior to January 21, 2022*.

We are so happy that we made it through the semester with a low number of positive cases. While we look forward to seeing you in January, we know this is an important time to unwind and remove yourself from the pressures of your College classes. Please know we are praying for you to have a blessed, safe, and HEALTHY holiday.


Be well,

Gloria Roldan Jenkins
Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Mona Bowe
Chair, COVID Response Team

Sarah Granger
Director, Health and Wellness Center


*Some students might not be eligible to receive a booster before the required deadline. If you received your second Pfizer or Moderna dose less than 6 months before January 21, 2022, or a Johnson & Johnson vaccine less than 2 months before this date—or if you recently had COVID—you are required to contact the Health and Counseling Center after January 4, 2022 to determine your deadline to submit proof of the booster.

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