Nursing Faculty J’Andra Antisdel Honored by ANA

Professor’s Commitment to Mental Health Disparities Lead Her to Minority Fellowship Award 

By Aaliyah Jones ’24

The success of an academic institution is measured not only by the accomplishments of its students but also by the achievements of its faculty members. We are proud to highlight the achievements of Assistant Professor in Nursing Science, J’Andra Antisdel, who was recently recognized by the American Nurses Association (ANA). For her expertise in the field, Antisdel was appointed to its Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). The MFP and SAMHSA provide federal grants to increase the number of PhD-prepared nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and marriage and family therapists from underrepresented ethnic minority groups. The Minority Fellowship Program recognizes the inconsistencies within healthcare, which Antisdel says aligns with her work. 

Another of Antisdel’s current research focuses on cyber victimization. As cyber victimization can include cyber bullying, it mainly focuses on any cyber crime at all. Antisdel believes there is a ”blind spot” within this issue that is not addressed as much as it should be. She hopes to identify the steps taken by teens that lead them to these cyber issues later on. For example, who they are engaging with and for how long. The primary objective of her research is to raise awareness and assist other professionals in accurately recognizing such issues in a healthcare environment.

Department Chair Sue Anderson, describes Antisdel as the “full package” and would love to see her be a part of the doctoral program. Anderson values her leadership skills as well as her creativity in the classroom. Antisdel’s assignments not only expand her students’ knowledge, but they also “teach the students to walk the walk, and to truly understand and empathize with the people they care for”, according to Anderson. A recent article by Antisdel in the trade publication Nurse Educator will soon be included in lesson plans for current and future students. The article can be found here. She was also a recent guest on the Mental Health Trailblazer podcast for its season three recordings. If interested, the site for the podcast can be found here.

Since becoming a part of the Minority Fellowship Program, Antisdel has had the chance to connect with other fellows from across the United States. She has found motivation within her discussions with them about their experiences and victories. She says, “I can learn from their experiences. I could learn from my experiences as well.” This goes both ways as she continues to contribute her views and progress with them.

The accomplishments and work of Antisdel’s are motivating for our students, maybe none more than students of color, Anderson says. Antisdel’s advice for those who are working towards similar goals? “Find a mentor and use your resources.”     

April 24, 2023

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