Student-Faculty Collaboration Produces Light Sculpture Displayed at South Bend Museum of Art

Saint Mary’s College student Cara Givens ’19 and Krista Hoefle, associate professor of art, recently installed a temporary light sculpture at the South Bend Museum of Art. The six-sided sculpture is eight-feet tall, featuring scrims to accommodate video projections and LED lighting to cast shadows on the floor.  

“Cara took a mathematical concept and made it accessible through art,” Hoefle said. “It was important to make the piece modular so that it can be assembled in different landscapes allowing for both group and individual interactions and experiences.”

The sculpture also can serve as the stage for hybrid performances incorporating music, dance and video.

“It’s exciting to create larger-scale works that have the duality of existing as a performance space and as a standalone sculpture,” Givens said. “Working closely with Professor Hoefle has provided me with a wonderful opportunity to make a real-world, creative contribution.”

The artwork will be included Artist Mixer event presented by the South Bend Museum of Art on Friday, October 5. For more information visit