Instructors are required to provide deficiency notices to all students whose work is not satisfactory at mid semester. Failure to receive a mid-term deficiency notice does not preclude the possibility that the student may still fail the course, nor does it imply that the student will automatically pass the course. Deficiency notices are available online through PRISM at 9:00 a.m. the Monday of Fall/Spring break.

Instructors may submit one or two deficiency codes alone or together with "D" or "F" grades. For example:

  • D13 means the student is currently earning a grade of "D" for (1) poor test grades, and (3) excessive absences/tardiness.
  • 6 means the student is currently earning a grade of "A" to "C-", but (6) the quality of work is deteriorating.

Deficiency codes recorded for courses taken at Notre Dame use the code interpretation below for University of Notre Dame.


Saint Mary's Codes University of Notre Dame Codes
1 Poor test grades 1 Poor test grades
2 Poor class/lab performance 2 Poor class/lab performance
3 Excessive absences/tardiness 3 Excessive absences
4 Failure to hand in required work 4 Failure to hand in required work
5 Poor written work 5 Deficient in written work
6 The quality of work is deteriorating 6 Deficient in reading, written, or oral English.
7 The quality of work is improving    










Updated 10/13/09