Service Saturday is an opportunity to explore your passions through service while meeting new friends and making connections with local South Bend agencies. The mission of Service Saturday is to Serve the Community, Serve the College and Serve our students. 

Throughout the semester a mix of students and student leaders are taken out into South Bend to volunteer and participate in meaningful outreach to our neighboring town. Providing an atmosphere where our students are able to share their individual gifts and talents to better our society. 

Students will be working alongside local residents and non-profit partners from around the area to meet the needs of the community. Needs such as feeding the homeless, gardening, park clean-up, and assisting at local food banks. By doing so we will be able to identify the needs of our neighbors while assessing how we can do our part in the community.

Hoping to make a sustainable impact on our students well beyond their days at Saint Mary's College. Service Saturdays will provide our students with the opportunity to integrate their education with direct service to the community.