Communication Studies Internship Program

Internships are available to students who have completed 18 hours of credit in their Communication Studies major. Internships provide an important transition between the classroom and the working world. Participants are involved in a variety of projects that enable them to put their own creative and organizational skills to work in a professional setting, as well as allow them to begin adapting to the obligations and responsibilities of the workplace. Internships offer students:

  • The opportunity to work within an organization whose services are related to a student's chosen major and/or desired career field.
  • The opportunity to extend the liberal arts education offered at Saint Mary's College.
  • The opportunity to work 10 -15 hours per week during the semester in a a community business or organization.


What Kinds of Internships are Available?

Each semester, the department places selected students in internships throughout the South Bend area. Past internships have included assignments in public relations, advertising, marketing and sales for area hotels, social service organizations, government agencies, television studio's, volunteer agencies and hospitals. Broadcast assignments and special event planning have also been part of the intern menu.

Every effort is made to match the student to her particular interest in the field. While a few internships are located on campus for those students who are unable to arrange transportation, most are in the community, often in close proximity to public transportation. Students also are able to arrange summer internships for themselves in organizations throughout the country.


What are the Benefits of Participating in an Internship Program?

Internships provide students valuable personal contacts that can enhance the job search process. In addition, many organizations consider an internship to be an essential component of the entry-level job candidate's background.


Academic and Summer Internship


Academic Year Internships
Academic year internships take place while the student is taking classes during the standard school year. If the student is selected to enroll in COMM 499, she will receive course credit for successfully completing the internship.

Summer Internships
Some students want to explore internships during the Summer. These internships often take place in communities away from the Saint Mary's College campus. Unlike academic year internships, students desiring summer internships must find the placement on their own. Credit will not be given for internships unless the selection process is completed and approval is given before the end of the academic year.

The Selection Process
A review process is in place to protect the integrity of the internship program and to insure the continued good will of internship sponsors toward Saint Mary's College and the program in Communication Studies. Internship applications are reviewed in the following way:

  1. The student makes an application to the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee reviews the application considering the criteria of
    • Good standing within the Department
    • GPA
    • Class attendance record
    • Timely submission of assignments
  2. If the student is chosen, she will enroll in COMM 499. Under no circumstances will a student be allowed to enroll in COMM 499 after the official date for "last day to add."
  3. Failure to meet these responsibilities could result in loss of academic credit.