Do you have what it takes to teach children with exceptional needs?

It takes a degree of compassion, a spark of intuition, and a reserve of knowledge to help them thrive in the learning environment. And while it may not be easy at times, being a special education teacher is a rewarding career choice.

If you want to help children who need mild academic or behavioral interventions succeed in the classroom, Saint Mary’s is here for you. We provide additional course and fi eld work that will help you gain the skills and experience you need.

Develop your knowledge and teaching skills

At Saint Mary’s, you’ll be able to take course work specific to developing instructional strategies, behavioral support, and collaboration skills necessary for working with children with exceptional needs, their families, and other professionals. Plus, we’ll arrange fi eld experiences and student teaching in special education settings to fully prepare you for your future career.

The knowledge you’ll gain through the program will prepare you to teach all children, whether in general or special education settings. The confi dence you will acquire will lead you to venture forward to empower children in reaching their highest potential.

Teaching Options in Special Education

We offer a bachelor's degree (BA) in elementary education/mild intervention with the expectation that teacher candidates will apply for an Indiana teaching license (grades K-6) upon completion of the program.

Mild Intervention Licensure

Grades K–6: Students major in elementary education with mild intervention lIcensure