Department of Education

Let’s change lives together

It takes a unique type of person to become a teacher. Someone who wants to inspire young minds and help them not only experience and learn new things, but see the world from new and bigger vantage points. If you’re ready to make an impact as a teacher, we’re here to help you learn how and get a strong start to your career. Together we will build your practical skills, develop your leadership style, and uncover your passion to shape today’s children into tomorrow’s leaders.

  • 700+ hours of field work in classrooms
  • 51% of Saint Mary's students study abroad
  • 94% of graduates are employed full-time or in grad school

What kind of teacher do you want to be?

Elementary? Art? High School Biology? Special needs? Explore all the options we have and how we can get you ready to teach immediately after graduating. (Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask an advisor for help.)

Work with students in local schools

Are you ready for some real experience? Once you start your core work in education, we’ll have you in local schools observing talented teachers in the classroom. Our field work program has a well-developed structure that will allow you to build your knowledge and experience incrementally as you work side-by-side with department faculty. Through this process, you’ll gain valuable experience, build confidence, and establish skills that one day you can put to use in your own classroom.

Your license to teach

In addition to completing your required courses to graduate, you’ll also need to focus on becoming licensed in the state in which you desire to teach. Our faculty advisors will work closely with you to develop your own career path and help you navigate the diverse requirements of state licensure.

Take your studies across the globe

Compassion and growth starts with understanding. At Saint Mary’s, we encourage you to broaden your perspective of the world and your place in it by studying abroad. Whether you want to spend a semester in Rome or take advantage of specific programs for education students, we’ll work with you to live your dream and experience other cultures around the world.

Study abroad in Ireland


Notre Dame Coexchange Program

The department of education is pleased to support the needs of Notre Dame students wishing to become elementary or secondary teachers. Through a coexchange program with our friends across the street, Notre Dame undergraduate students (both men and women) can attend our classes and receive the same professional preparation as Saint Mary’s students. Interested students first need to take  Foundations for Teaching in a Multicultural Society (EDUC 201) at Saint Mary's before applying. More information can be obtained by calling our department at (574) 284-4485, visiting the Notre Dame website, or by talking to the appropriate advising dean at Notre Dame.