Department of Mathematics / Computer Science

Use math to make a difference

Do you find satisfaction in solving complex problems? Interested in the latest technology? Here at Saint Mary’s, you will expand on your knowledge of math and computer science through rigorous coursework and research opportunities in a collaborative environment. You will be challenged by your professors and encouraged to think about the application of mathematics and computer science to solve real world problems.

  • >90% participate in paid internships or undergrad research
  • 12th Math - highest paying college major in the first 5 years after graduation
  • 100% of CAM and SAM majors were employed full time one year out or enrolled in grad school

Join a tight-knit community with a close faculty connection

Your professors will get to know you personally and mentor you throughout your four years at Saint Mary’s, and beyond. They are experts in their fields and are focused on educating the whole student. Located on the third floor of Madeleva Hall, the mathematics and computer science suite offers study space and many students use the conference room to study or pop into a professor’s office to chat. They host networking opportunities with Saint Mary’s alumnae, professional development seminars, and an annual Christmas party.

Brianna Kozemzak, class of 2017

"Here, the personal interaction with your professor is enriching..."

Brianna Kozemzak '17

Read More of Brianna's Story

Brianna Kozemzak ’17, computing and applied mathematics (CAM) major, received a Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation. She is studying bioinformatics at Stanford University.

Be a woman leader in STEM

At Saint Mary’s, our graduates are prepared to be leaders in their fields. They are women of action. With a growing demand for women in STEM fields, you will get the preparation you need to be a leader in male-dominated areas. Here, you can choose from one of the department’s four majors or pair your major with the Five-Year Dual Degree in Engineering Program at the University of Notre Dame. You can choose from aerospace, chemical, civil, computer science, electrical, environmental geoscience, or mechanical engineering.

Opportunities for graduate work in data science

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers a unique Master of Science in Data Science degree. There is a special 4+1 option offered to Saint Mary's undergraduates, which allows you to begin taking graduate level classes in your senior year to receive your graduate degree with just one addition year of study. You'll expand on your undergraduate coursework to develop a strong quantitative base — an enduring skill set in an ever-changing world — that will allow you to take on complex data challenges now and in the future.

Learn more about the Master of Science in Data Science program.

Research and preparation for a career in math and computer science

The math and computer science faculty are engaging in unique research endeavors and students are invited to join them on their projects. Whether during the semester or over the summer, you will have the opportunity to conduct research with a faculty member and present that research on campus and at conferences around the country.

Monica McGrath, class of 2019

Monica McGrath ’19, a Statistical and Actuarial Mathematics (SAM) major, worked with Professor Jacob Duncan in summer 2017 on a research project titled, “Modeling Addiction Relapse-Recovery Cycling, Case Study: Alcoholism.” The research duo received a SISTAR Grant from the College to help fund the project.

Read more about Monica’s research.


Choose your major...

Through your courses you'll develop strong quantitative skills, think clearly and critically about complex problems, and gain experience in mathematical and statistical model-building. You will use creativity, analysis, and logic as you learn to synthesize ideas, make decisions, and communicate your results with precision. Use your mathematics degree to predict the course of diseases, to study the brain by mapping neurons or sequence genes. Businesses and government use this information for strategic planning and data mining. Even the entertainment industry uses computational mathematics for use in computer animation and digital imaging. The possibilities are endless.

MathematicsA pathway to many careers

This is a flexible major that prepares students for a career in industry or graduate work in the field of mathematics. This major with the teacher’s option will prepare you to teach high school mathematics. Additionally, this major also combines well with the Five-Year Dual Degree in Engineering Program in mechanical, civil, and electrical engineering.

CAM - Computer & Applied MathematicsHarness your technical skills to make a difference.

This major is a combination of computer science and applied mathematics that prepares students to work in a technology-based career. This major also combines well with computer science engineering within the Five-Year Dual Degree Engineering Program at Notre Dame.

Statistics and Actuarial Mathematics

Learn to predict risk and apply mathematical modeling

Saint Mary’s is one of two women’s colleges with a SAM major. That being said, this major is recognized by the Society of Actuaries as a pre-actuarial program. This track will prepare you to enter into the actuarial field as a professional who applies mathematical and statistical methods to finance and insurance, particularly to the assessment of risk. Additionally, this track will prepare you to pursue a career in statistics.

Physics and Applied MathematicsApply mathematics to the physical world

This major is a combination of physics and applied mathematics, which is a unique interdisciplinary option for women who love both fields. It combines well with multiple engineering disciplines including aerospace, civil, electrical, or mechanical engineering as part of the Five-Year Dual Degree Engineering Program.