Careers and Advanced Degrees

A degree from our Department of Psychology leads to a range of careers, including clinical private practice, and research psychology in academic settings. Applied fields include school psychology, industrial/organizational psychology, forensic psychology, and health psychology.  Many graduates enter related fields like social work and counseling.  Often, our alums use the critical thinking, research, and writing skills they refined in our department to work in other areas including education, law, business, and nonprofit management.

Our psychology graduates are rehabilitation counselors, school psychologists, behavioral paraprofessionals, and occupational therapists at companies and organizations like Abbot Laboratories, Beaumont Hospital, and the Michigan National Guard.

Approximately 75% of our majors enroll in graduate school within five year of graduation and have pursued advanced degrees at universities such as The Ohio State University, Northwestern University, Indiana University, Loyola University Chicago, Marquette University, Vanderbilt University, and the University of Kentucky.