Bettina Spencer

Faculty Profiles

Bettina Spencer

Associate Professor
Department Chair
Gender Womens Studies
65 Spes Unica Hall, Rm 326 W



PhD, New School for Social Research
MA, New School for Social Research
BA, Eugene Lang College

Research Interests 

  • Sexism
  • Classism
  • Victim blame
  • Dehumanization
  • Stereotype threat

Courses Recently Taught 

  • PSYC 156: Introduction to psychology: culture and systems
  • PSYC 237: Cultural Psychology
  • PSYC 337: Social psychology
  • PSYC 437: Psychology of violence
  • PSYC 438: Stereotyping and prejudice
  • PSYC 485: Independent research in psychology

Creative and Scholarly Work 

Select publications and presentations:

  • Spencer, B. & Verdeja, E. (2017). Nevertheless, she persisted: Mobilization after the Women’s March. Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Equality & Diversity.

  • "Racism and sexism in the 2008, 2012, and 2016 U.S. presidential elections." (2017). Association for Psychological Science Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.

  • Spencer, B. (2016). The impact of class and sexuality-based stereotyping on rape blame.  Sexualization, Media, and Society.

  • Spencer, B. (2016). Intelligence testing and ethnicity. In H. Miller (Ed.), The SAGE encyclopedia of theory in Psychology. SAGE Publications.

  • "Warm, but stupid: Sexism in “sister-schools” and their affiliated institutions." (2015). Association for Psychological Science Annual Meeting, New York, NY.

  • Spencer, B., Barrett, C., Storti, G., & Cole. M. (2013).  Only girls who want fat legs take the elevator. Body image in single-sex and mixed-sex colleges. Sex Roles, 69, 469-479.

  • Loughnan, S., Haslam, N., Sutton, R., & Spencer, B. (2013). Dehumanization and social class: Animality in the stereotypes of 'white trash', 'chavs' and 'bogans. Social Psychology, 45, 54-61.

  • "Sexism and “sister-schools”: Differences in perceived warmth and competence." (2013). Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA.  

  • Castano, E., Leidner, B., Bonacossa, A., Nikkah, J., Perrulli, R., Spencer, B. & Humphrey, N. (2011). Ideology, fear of death, and death anxiety, Political Psychology, 32, 601-621.

  • "Body image at single-sex and mixed-sex colleges." (2011). Society for Personality and Social Psychology Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX.

  • Class(room) matters: Cross-disciplinary pedagogical approaches to class. (2009). Working Class Studies Association Annual Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

  • Spencer, B. & Castano, E. (2007).  Social class is dead.  Long live social class! Stereotype threat among low-socioeconomic status individuals. Social Justice Research, 20, 418-432.


Professional Memberships 

Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues
Society for Personality and Social Psychology
Working-Class Studies Association
Association for Psychological Science
Society for the Psychology of Women
Association for Women in Psychology
Gender and Political Psychology Network