Michael R. Kramer

Faculty Profiles

Michael R. Kramer

Department Chair
Communication Studies



PhD, University of Minnesota
JD, University of Wisconsin, Madison
MA, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

BS, Winona State University


Research Interests 

  • Political communication
  • Apologia and image restoration
  • Presidential rhetoric
  • Rhetorical criticism of comic books and graphic novels
  • Public memory and material rhetorics

Courses Recently Taught 

  • COMM 302: History and criticism of public address
  • COMM 308: Persuasion
  • COMM 330: Critical issues in mass communication
  • COMM 383: Art and entertainment law
  • COMM 495: Seminar in rhetoric and criticism

Professional Experience 

  • Spent seven years working in state and federal courts after earning a law degree from the University of Wisconsin and prior to becoming a professor

Creative and Scholarly Work 

  • "Image Repair Rhetoric and Shock Radio: Don Imus, Al Sharpton, and the Rutgers Women’s Basketball Team Controversy." Journal of Radio & Audio Media, 21(2) (2014): 247-257.
  • "Strict Father or Nurturant Parent?  President Jimmy Carter’s Rhetoric of Morality in Support of the Panama Canal Treaties." Carolinas Communication Annual, 28 (2012): 61-90.
  • "Temporal Ethos: A Shifting Rhetorical Resource in Arguments about War and Peace."  Florida Communication Journal, 37 (2008): 12-26.
  • Kramer, M., K. Olson. "The Strategic Potential of Sequencing Apologia Stases:  President Bill Clinton's Self-Defense in the Monica Lewinsky Scandal."   Western Journal of Communication, 66 (2002): 347-368.

Professional Memberships 

National Communication Association
State Bar of Wisconsin