Patricia A. Sayre

Faculty Profiles

Patricia A. Sayre

24 Spes Unica Hall, Rm 161 E



PhD, University of Notre Dame
BA, Wheaton College

Research Interests 

  • Wittgenstein
  • History and philosophy of logic
  • The problem of other minds
  • Moral psychology
  • The meaning of life

Courses Recently Taught 

  • PHIL 110W: Introductory philosophy
  • PHIL 220: Introduction to logic
  • PHIL 245: Non-Western philosophy
  • PHIL 331: Descartes to skepticism
  • PHIL 332: Kant and his critics
  • PHIL 341: Mind, knowledge, and realitY

Creative and Scholarly Work 

  • "The Dialectics of Trust and Suspicion." Faith and Philosophy 10, no. 4 (1993): 567-584.
  • “Beauty: A Manifesto.” Presented at the 4th Global Conference on Beauty, Oxford, England, September 2014.
  • “Wittgenstein’s Grave: On Philosophical Pilgrimage.” Presented at the 2nd Global Conference on Sacred Journeys, Oxford, England, July 2015.
  • “Empathy: Responding to a Pathology.” The Personalist Forum 15, no. 2 (2003): 290-301.
  • "Wittgenstein and the Possibility of Religious Belief," Wissen und Glauben: Beitrage des 26, ed. Winfreid Loffler and Paul Weingartner. Internationalen Wittgenstein Symposiums, vol. XI, Kirchberg am Wechsel: Osterreichische Ludwig Wittgenstein Gesellshaft, (2003).