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Adrienne Huschke

Adrienne Huschke

Communicative Sciences and Disorders
Graduation Year: 

"I've learned to live life with passion and empathy, authenticity and a sense of adventure."

“Discovery” is more than just a word to Adrienne Huschke. It’s been her way of life since coming to Saint Mary’s, and it’s what has driven her to explore new interests and realize her potential.

Confidence and Character

You can’t learn confidence from a textbook. For Adrienne, discovering the confidence within her has largely come from classes in which she’s expected to express her opinions and ideas, defend her positions in the face of opposing viewpoints, and provide reasoning and rationales to the arguments being made, both from her professors and her fellow students.

“This has definitely led me to be more confident and assured in myself and the morals and principles I hold closest to me.”

New Friends, New Interests

With confidence comes a willingness to try new things. That’s exactly what Adrienne did when she joined ND’s co-ed sailing club. With very little sailing experience, she knew it would be a challenge. But she followed her instincts, left her comfort zone, and as a result can now sail confidently on her own and has a new family of friends.

“The first year I joined I was scared out of my mind because most of the people on the team had quite a bit of experience. But I learned the value of sticking to things even when they’re out of your comfort zone.”

Sisters and Sisterhood

Adrienne’s biggest discovery has been the sisterhood at Saint Mary’s. When she first visited campus, she heard people talk about being a Belle and the special sisterhood, but she was skeptical that it was more of a sales pitch than anything. Her skepticism quickly disappeared when she arrived as a First Year and truly felt that special bond with her fellow students.

“Sisterhood is more than just a group of some of your good friends. It is deeper than that. A sisterhood is where each and every person you meet wants to experience life with you and help you become the best person you can be.”