The 2010 Theory 2 class reflects on their experience

Using KeSha's Tik-Tok as a platform, Theory 2 students comment on what they've been through. Words are by music student Alexis Hiner.

Annual Theory Class Performance of In C

In C is an important minimalist composition by Terry Riley. The 4th semester theory class, taught by Zae Munn, does an in-class, 35-minute performance each year, with theory alums and faculty bolstering the ranks of perfomers.

Saint Mary's College Women's Choir

Here, this award-winning ensemble conducted by Nancy Menk, performs Ron
Jeffers' arrangement of "Amazing Grace."


SMC Opera Workshop fostered and premiered Witness by Zae Munn 

Witness, an opera by faculty composer Zae Munn, is based on Karen Hesse's book
of the same name (published by Scholastic, Inc.). It was produced here at Saint
Mary's in 2006.  This is an excerpt of the trio section of my opera Witness, Act 1, Sc.1. Mallory O'Brien is Esther, a young Jewish girl; Minnita Daniel-Cox is Leanora, an 18-year old black girl; and Erin Anhut is Sara, a middle-aged farm owner.


Page A-3 by Composition Student Jessica Sheehan

Jessica Sheehan wrote Page A-3 for her second project in Beginning Composition Class, using "found" texts and a simple percussion set-up. It is performed here by Zae Munn, Jessica Gorski and Jessica Sheehan.