Direct Entry Option for Nursing Science Students

Saint Mary's offers a direct entry program in Nursing Science for select incoming first-year students. The Office of Admission will invite eligible students into the Nursing Science program within a few weeks after they receive their decision. Students will qualify for direct entry into Nursing Science if they meet the following criteria:

  • They select "Nursing Science" as the number one intended major in their application
  • They have a 3.8+ cumulative GPA in high school
  • They have taken biology, chemistry and precalculus in high school with a B average in those courses

For qualified students, they will enter Saint Mary's as an intended nursing science major. They will begin to take a distinct sequence of pre-requisite courses at the beginning of their first year, and as long as they meet the criteria to continue in the program by the end of their sophomore year, they are guaranteed a spot. Students will remain in the program as long as they meet the following criteria by the end of their sophomore year at Saint Mary's:

  • Cumulative GPA at Saint Mary's of 2.8+
  • Minimum pre-requisite science major GPA of 2.8+
*For students who do not qualify for the direct entry program into nursing science, they are still able to apply into the program at the end of their sophomore year. Many students continue to enter into the nursing program through this more traditional pathway.