Four-Year Liberal Learning Outcomes

Four-Year Liberal Learning Outcomes


LO1. Knowledge Acquisition and Integration of Learning

Catholic education in the liberal arts tradition values knowledge for its own sake and affirms the interconnectedness of all learning.  Therefore...

  • A Saint Mary's student exhibits sound knowledge of the formation of human identities, the development and functioning of diverse cultures and social groupings, the practice of creative artistry, the multi-faceted nature of religion and the Catholic tradition, the complexity of fundamental philosophical questions, and the intricate workings of the natural world.
  • A Saint Mary's student demonstrates the ability to look at issues from multiple perspectives, recognizing the effect that differences in areas such as gender, religion, values, culture and privilege can have on the ways that people interpret and act in the world; and she makes connections across disparate settings and areas of study.

LO2. Cognitive and Communicative Skills

As a women's college, Saint Mary's emphasizes the value of women's voices and their distinctive contribution to intellectual life.  Therefore...

  • A Saint Mary's student masters a broad set of sophisticated intellectual skills, including critical thinking, careful interpretation of complex texts and artifacts, accurate evaluation of data, investigative problem solving, quantitative reasoning, historical analysis, as well as technological, media, and information literacy.  She reflects analytically on her experience as a women, on the contributions of women's voices, and on constructions of gender.
  • A Saint Mary's studet communicates her ideas, insights, thought processes, and conclusions with accuracy, competence, and style in various media and contexts.

LO3. Intercultural Competence and Social Responsibility

Furthermore, as a Catholic, women's college, Saint Mary's fosters respect and compassion for all people and honors leadership that improves the human community.  Therefore...

  • A Saint Mary's student develops reflective and collaborative skills that enable her to learn from and participate in dialgue with diverse people and cultures.  She does this by attaining competence in another language and by study and experience that reveal both cultural differences and the connections joining people in a global society.
  • In keeping with mission of the Sisters of the Holy Cross and their stance in solidarity with the poor and powerless, a Saint Mary's student will evaluate social conditions, discern human needs, and be able to respond as an agent of change.