Six Sub-Outcomes Partially Fulfilled by Major

Six Sub-Outcomes Partially Fulfilled by the Major

LO1: Integration-Synthesis:

  • A Saint Mary's student synthesizes examples, facts, issues, or theories from more than one field of study or perspective into a coherent whole.

LO2: Critical Thinking:

  • A Saint Mary's student employs various aspects of critical thinking--interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation, and self-regulation--in her intellectual work.

LO2: Writing Competence:

  • A Saint Mary's student employs conventions of academic writing to formulate meaningful claims, construct effective arguments, and employ evidence appropriately.  She communicates her ideas in writing with precision and style.

LO2: Oral Competence

  • A Saint Mary's student orally communicates with clarity, organization, supporting information, credibility, and style.

LO2: Problem Solving

  • A Saint Mary's student uses her knowledge to design, implement, and evaluate a strategy to reach a goal or solve an unscripted problem.

LO2: Information Literacy

  • A Saint Mary's student determines the extent of her information need and obtains, evaluates and uses information effectively with an understanding of economic, legal, ethical, and social issues surrounding information use.