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Allison Thornton

Environmental Studies - Environmental STEM
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“A safe place where everybody feels she belongs.”

After pursuing science research at Saint Mary’s while in high school, Allison Thornton ’22 knew this campus would allow her to reach her goals for the future. It already felt like second nature to her driving down The Avenue and seeing Le Mans Hall before even applying to Saint Mary’s. 

Discovering New Places

Although Allison was unable to experience the full adventures of studying abroad, she made her six weeks in Ireland a highly memorable journey. Not only did she have the opportunity to discover life in Ireland, but she learned a lot about herself. Studying abroad was a unique experience she could not get elsewhere if it was not for the abroad program at Saint Mary’s. 

“It made me realize how independent I can be and helped to shape my confidence. From a global studies standpoint, I have always found how other people live to be so interesting, so it was really fun to be fully immersed within a different culture. You get to meet so many amazing people and learn a lot about yourself.” 

“Ireland was just perfect, it was great!” 

Building Trust with Professors

The relationships between faculty and students is a unique element of Saint Mary’s. Allison described how much more successful she has been in her academics due to the significant connections she has developed with many professors. Her professors really care about her academic growth and personal growth.

“Being able to have that mutual trust between you and a professor is really profound. I worked really closely with Dr. Majetic in the biology department and there was just something about her advising that really supported my education here. With the professors here they get to watch you develop, they genuinely care for you and have the best interest for you.” 

“I can feel the sense that my professors are not only proud of me, but proud of my work.” 

Home Away from Home

Many students like Allison experience Saint Mary’s as a home away from home. Allison adores how much the campus welcomed her to feel comfortable expressing her own identity and embrace the community of women. Within this community, Allison said many women should not feel the need to hold back their voice. Saint Mary’s gives students many opportunities to use their voice and to understand their opinions are valued. 

“We are all women who are able to relate and understand each other through our similar and differing experiences. I never had a fear of speaking in class because I knew my classmates would allow me to voice my thoughts in a comfortable environment.”