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Elaine Albaugh, class of 2019

Elaine Albaugh

English Literature
English Writing
Graduation Year: 

“Every time I take a required course, I enjoy it."

Elaine Albaugh ’19 did not need to be convinced to attend Saint Mary’s College. A South Bend local, Elaine said she knew she wanted to attend Saint Mary’s even when she was in high school.

“I visited campus many times and the events Saint Mary’s held for prospective students made me feel like I was already part of a community.” 

When she began her first year, Elaine knew she loved English, but didn’t know what she could do with a degree in the field besides becoming a teacher. She credits the faculty at Saint Mary’s for showing her diverse career options with a double major in English literature and English writing. 

“My  professors tell me about the various paths their careers have taken, and I can easily talk to them about different opportunities I am interested in, and how I can tangibly pursue them.” 

English majors go on to have careers in a wide range of disciplines from editing and copywriting to positions in marketing and consulting or even pursuing law and graduate school degrees.  

Continuing her passion

Elaine comes from a family of readers and writers, and has known she wanted write since she was in high school. She loves the English major because it allows her to take classes on subjects she is passionate about. Classes and coursework are enjoyable because studying English is what she loves to do. 

“Every time I take a required course, I enjoy it. In my contemporary global literature class, every single book we have read is a book that I wanted to read on my own time.”

Looking toward the future 

Elaine is currently looking for an internship this summer which will help her pursue a career in publishing after she graduates. Having known a lot of writers throughout her life, she has realized that she loves collaborating with them and wants to have a role in sharing their work with others.

“I want to be that person who helps to make a book what it is and get it out into the world so different writers’ voices can be heard.” 

Written by Susan Kratzer ’18 media relations intern and double major in political science and English writing.