Student Profiles

Morgan York

Political Science
Graduation Year: 

“One of Saint Mary’s biggest attributes is the development of strong, self-assured, empowered young women.”

Morgan York ’18 feels strongly that her decision to come to Saint Mary’s College led her where she belongs.

“I looked at one other school because it was close to home. I felt more at home at Saint Mary’s than I did at my hometown university. Saint Mary’s was the only school I applied to because I knew I belonged here. It wasn’t a hard pick.”

The campus visit helped to solidify her decision to apply.  

“When I came to check it out, everyone here was so nice. I always saw people smiling, and that was the first big thing I noticed in comparison with other big universities. The students were so friendly and willing to talk to me.”

Discovering herself in the classroom

Morgan chose to double major at Saint Mary’s, a route some Belles embrace in order to learn more about their passions.

“I took a sociology class in high school. But after I took another class in sociology at Saint Mary’s, it really pushed me to analyze interactions between people. I felt like by better understanding our interactions, I better understand myself and everyone around me.”

Morgan is grateful for the accommodating faculty and the interdisciplinary nature of her Saint Mary’s education.

“Sociology pairs well with political science. It was really obtainable to double major because the faculty were able to work with me to find the right balance so I could do both things and finish on time.”

Asserting herself in the world

At Saint Mary's, Morgan has learned to be confident and assert herself in the classroom and beyond.

“The community here really changes the way you look at things. One of Saint Mary’s biggest attributes is the development of strong, self-assured, empowered young women. I look at a challenge now and I’m not overwhelmed by it.”

As Morgan looks toward the LSAT and pursuing law school, she is grateful for the experiences and the people who have helped her achieve academic success.

“When you come to Saint Mary’s you can’t slip between the cracks. You are going to be pushed by your peers and the faculty here, and you are going to come out a really strong, empowered, and self-assured person.” 

Written by Emerald Blankenship ’17, media relations intern and business major with a concentration in marketing.