Benjy Grinberg Scholarship

Area of Study: 
Essay contests description: 
$500 word essay on “Many often find music comforting during difficult times. How has music played an impact in your life and educational journey?“
Additional Criteria: 
Students must be currently enrolled in undergraduate or graduate school, or be a high school senior that has been accepted at a college or university and plans to enroll
Application Deadline: 
April 1
Scholarship Amount: 
Optional description: 

Benjy Grinberg was fortunate to find his passion for music at a young age. Knowing that turning a passion into a career can be difficult due to a variety of factors, Benjy founded the Benjy Grinberg Scholarship with the hopes of helping those seeking higher education reach their educational and career goals.  The $1,000 scholarship is designed to relieve some of the financial burden of continuing education.