Bible Study


A bible study is offered each semester for students interested in exploring the richness of the scriptures.  The weekly study is led by a small team of students.  The goal of the bible study is to help students learn about some of the historical and literary background of the scriptures, to invite students to embrace the spiritual meaning the scriptures contain for each person, and to help them understand the Christian community and the interpretation of scripture.

One student commented, "Bible Study is great! It gave me a new understanding of how to go about reading the bible and reflecting on it with others. This group has helped me appreciate and respect other students' perspectives in my relationship with God."

Another student commented, "A friend of mine invited me to attend Bible Study with her one week. That was a truly awesome time!"

Bible Study meets weekly on Mondays in the Campus Ministries Resource Room in the Student Center. This semester we will be studying "2012: The End of the World and the Book of Revelation." 6:00-7:00 pm.


Contact: Regina Wilson, 574.284.5369,