Catholic Common Ground Initiative

Catholic COmmon Ground Initiative

The Catholic Common Ground Initiative was inaugurated by the late Cardinal Joseph Bernardin with the release of a statement, Called to Be Catholic: Church in a Time of Peril, on August 12, 1996. It originated in a concern that polarization within the Church hinders the ability of the Catholic Church to carry out its mission. The statement proposes working principles for dialogue within the Church and expresses the conviction that such an effort will transform those who engage in it as well as strengthen the Church for its mission in the new millennium.

The ongoing work of the Catholic Common Ground Initiative represents both a call to renewed dialogue within the Church and an effort to undertake and exemplify that kind of dialogue.

Saint Mary's College and The Catholic Common Ground Intitiative began their partnership in Spring of 2001.

Common Ground Conversations
"We're all in this together - Come, let's talk to each other"

Small Group discussion. Respectful listening to diverse views. Honestly speaking from our hearts as well as well as our minds. Raising questions. Seeking wisdom.

To provide an opportunity for our college community to gather and dialogue about critical issues in both the Church
and the world.

Everyone in the Saint Mary's College community
is invited to participate!

Guidelines for Conversations (download)
Past Conversations