Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Programs

The Security Department conducts crime prevention and personal safety programs throughout the year. It also publishes and distributes personal safety and security brochures to community members along with Crime Alert Bulletins through the department's "Together For A Safe Campus" Program.

Student Responsibility

The Security Department is aware that everyone is concerned about crime at the College. To make our campus as safe as possible, the entire campus community's cooperation and involvement in the "Together For A Safe Campus" Program is absolutely necessary.

Students and staff must assume responsibility for their own safety and for the security of their personal belongings. The College provides programs to help protect you from being victimized. We strongly encourage using the Security Department's escort service after dark and the Stranded Student Program if you fear for your safety off campus and do not have the means to get back to campus safely. Your valuable items should be marked and the description and serial number recorded on the property inventory form found in the Security Department's "Protect Your Property" brochure. Your room door should be secured at night and when your room is not occupied.

Bicycles should be registered with the Security Department and secured with a sturdy lock. Those students with cars must park them in student parking areas and should keep their vehicles locked, with valuables out of sight. Students and College employees should immediately report, to Security, any unusual incidents or suspicious individuals who do not seem to belong in resident buildings or on campus.