Writing Awards

More details about specific submission requirements is made available on the homepage prior to each semester's due dates.

The Dorothy Manier Essay Contest. This contest, which takes place at the end of each semester, is open to all current Writing Proficiency Program students. 

Sr. Franzita Kane Essay Contest. Open to all Saint Mary's students, this annual contest honors an outstanding piece of writing from any class throughout the year. The winner of the contest is honored at the annual Honors Convocation.

Congratulations to our recent winners!

Dorothy Manier Essay Contest Honorees 2016-2017

Saint Mary’s Writing Proficiency Program is delighted to announce the honorees for the Dorothy Manier Essay Contests for this Academic Year. Thanks to all who submitted their work! We also thank our wise and generous panel of judges. Their jobs were certainly not easy; we had many fine submissions.

This award is offered each semester to students in "W" courses.  It honors Dorothy Hickey Manier, who spent more than a decade teaching in Saint Mary's English Department. She was passionate about teaching literature and expository writing. She took great pride and joy in her work and, most of all, in her students ' successes. Beloved by her colleagues who funded this award in her memory, Dorothy Manier passed away in 1988 and was honored by her seven children with this W.B. Yeats' quote: "She would not have us sad because she is lying there. And when she meets our gaze her eyes are laughter - lit."

Please join us in congratulating the following students and their instructors:

Fall 2016


Annie Maguire, for her essay “A Fight Against Fragmentation”

Written for ENLT 109W; Ann Marie Short, Instructor

                                                - and -

Nicole Aggarwal, for her essay “Arti Ritual Analysis: Mixed Meaning”

Written for RLST 101W; Anita Houck, Instructor

Honorable Mention:

Erika Mayette-Draper, for her essay “Hiding Behind a Shave”

Written for ENLT 109W; Aaron Bremyer, Instructor

Spring 2017


Emily Casado, for her essay “Nella Larsen's Passing: Passed Away” 

Written for ENLT 109W; Aaron Bremyer, Instructor

Honorable Mentions:

Claire Conlon, for her essay “The Monster Definition: Establishing a Connection Between the Residence and Resident”

Written for ENLT 109W; Karrie Fuller, Instructor

Grace Milligan, for her essay  “The Price of Perfection”

Written for COMM 103W; Susan Baxter, Instructor

Abigail Pitts, for her essay “Suburban Masks”

Written for ENLT 109W; Dionne Bremyer, Instructor

Sister Franzita Kane Essay Competition 2016-2017

With great pride, Saint Mary’s Writing Proficiency Program announces this year’s honorees in the Sister Franzita Kane Essay Competition. We thank all who submitted their fine work. We also thank our esteemed panel of judges for their careful consideration.

With this award, we honor Sister M. Franzita Kane CSC, (Dorothy Honore Kane; 1909-1993). Sr. Franzita entered the Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross at Saint Mary's in 1927 and professed in 1930. She began her vibrant vocation as an educator in Holy Cross schools in California from 1930 to 1941. A passionate teacher, writer, and research analyst, Sr. Franzita lived out the Holy Cross mission at the College of Saint Mary of the Wasatch in Salt Lake City, the Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C., and at Saint Mary's College, where she taught until her retirement in the early 1990s. She was beloved by her students for teaching literature, especially Dante, Milton, Johnson, and Boswell. In 1968, she was given the Spes Unica Award, the highest teaching award the college bestows. She continued to write and do research until 1991.

Please join us in congratulating this year’s honorees and their professors.

Peace and Justice

WINNER: Stephanie Snyder, "Why is Stalking Education Still in the Shadows?"

Written for ENWR 307; Dionne Bremyer, Instructor

Science and Social Science

WINNER: Lauren Whalen,  "Ameritocracy" 

Written for SOC 153; Peter Ryan, Instructor

Honorable Mention: Marlen Terrazas, for her essay, "Climate Change Impacts on Marine Ecosystems" 

Written for BIO 160W; Laura Kloepper, Instructor

Open Category

WINNER: Mariah Rayburn, “Period from Hell”

                  Written for her Senior Writing Project; Dionne Bremyer, Instructor

Honorable Mentions: 

Kaylie Johnson, for her essay “The Story of a Childhood”

Written for HUST 103; Laura Williamson Ambrose, Instructor

Kayla Zellmer, for her essay “The Gender Reveal Phenomenon”

Written for GWS 350; Jamie Wagman, Instructor

Literature Category

No winner

Senior Comprehensives


Hannah Anderson, for her Senior Comprehensive in Philosophy, 

Medical Decision Making: a Triangular Model; Megan Zwart, Instructor

Honorable Mention:

Katie Slisz, for her Senior Comprehensive in Literature, 

Killing for Love; Ann Marie Short, Instructor