Saint Mary's College Endowed Funds

(updated 10/18/2011)

Saint Mary's College gratefully recognizes all the donors who have stepped forward to secure Saint Mary's future by endowing funds to support faculty positions, scholarships, the library, and programs that support a richer intellectual life on campus. This support ensures that Saint Mary's College remains true to its mission as a place that takes seriously the education of the whole woman – mind, body, heart, and soul – and as a place that empowers women to make a difference in the world.


The establishment of endowed chairs is a mark of achievement in the academic world; the endowment of seven faculty chairs at a school the size of Saint Mary’s is remarkable.  Endowed positions recognize and support faculty members whose teaching excellence and commitment to students exemplify the best of Saint Mary’s. The endowment of a position helps to underwrite the annual salary and benefits of the chair holder, funds scholarly research, and supports special opportunities to work with students in the chair holder’s field.

  • Joyce McMahon Hank Aquinas Chair in Catholic Theology
    Joyce McMahon Hank 1952 (est. 1994)
    Held by Joseph M. Incandela, Associate Dean and Professor of Religious Studies

  • Margaret M. Hill Chair in Theatre
    Margaret M. Hill 1961 (est. 1994)
    Held by visiting artists-in-residence

  • Mary Lou and Judd Leighton Chair in Music
    Mary Lou and Judd Leighton (est. 1998)
    Held by Nancy L. Menk, Professor of Music

  • Edna and George McMahon Aquinas Chair in Philosophy
    Joyce McMahon Hank 1952 (est. 1994)
    Held by Michael M. Waddell, Associate Professor of Philosophy

  • Marjorie A. Neuhoff Chair in Nursing
    Estate of Marjorie A. Neuhoff 1961 (est. 2010)
    Held by Linda Paskiewicz, Professor of Nursing

  • Bruno Schlesinger Chair in Humanistic Studies
    National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant (est. 1984)
    Held by John Shinners, Professor of Humanistic Studies

  • Denise DeBartolo York Chair in Science
    Denise DeBartolo York 1972 (est. 2003)
    Held by Dorothy M. Feigl, Professor of Chemistry



The Center for Academic Innovation (CFAI) was founded in 1993 to nurture the life of the mind at Saint Mary’s College. By creating and fostering programs in faculty and curriculum development, teacher-student collaboration, and innovation in teaching and learning, the CFAI fortifies the academic foundation of Saint Mary’s College.

  • Paula Lawton Bevington Teaching Development Grant in Humanistic Studies
    E. Milton and Paula Lawton Bevington 1958 (est. 1997)

  • Maryjeanne R. Burke and Daughters SISTAR Grant
    Richard and Maryjeanne Ryan Burke 1956 (est. 1995)

  • Neal F. and Barbara Farrell Faculty Novice/Mentor Partnership Program
    Neal F. and Barbara Farrell (est. 1990)

  • Margaret FitzGibbons Higgins Teaching Development Grant in Humanistic Studies
    Margaret FitzGibbons Higgins 1973 (est. 1997)

  • Paul and Mary Dahm Kearney Teaching Development Grant
    Paul and Mary Dahm Kearney 1956 (est. 1996)

  • Lilly New Faculty Scholars Program
    Lilly Endowment Inc. (est. 2004)

  • National Endowment for the Humanities Faculty Development Fund
    National Endowment for the Humanities Challenge Grant (est. 1984)

  • Slavin-McCue Faculty Development Fund
    Anna Slavin 1908 (est. 1936)

  • Van P. Smith New Faculty Scholars Program
    Van P. and Margaret Smith (est. 1987)

  • Susan Shalgos Wolsfeld Teaching Development Grant in Sociology
    Richard and Susan Shalgos Wolsfeld 1964 (est. 1997)



Endowed program funds support lectures, projects, and programs to enrich the intellectual and cultural life of the Saint Mary’s College community.

  • Center for Spirituality
    Sisters of the Holy Cross (est. 1984)

  • Center for Spirituality Fall Lecture Series
    Anonymous (est. 1998)

  • Huisking Family Instructional Technology Resource Center
    Huisking Foundation (est. 1999)

  • Madeleva Lecture Series
    Anonymous (est. 1995)

  • Mission Division Programming
    Anonymous (est. 1997)

  • Multicultural Services and Student Programs
    Anonymous (est. 1995)

  • Marjorie A. Neuhoff Summer Science Research Community
    Estate of Marjorie A. Neuhoff 1961 (est. 2010)

  • Sister Alma Peter, CSC Presidential Fund
    Susan Fitzgerald Rice 1961 (est. 2007)

  • Shaheen Discovery Series
    Eli J. and Helen Shaheen (est. 1987)

  • Professor William N. Shannon III Executive Scholar Program
    William N. and Bonnie Shannon (est. 1993)

  • Susan Weidenbach Writing Program Fund
    John P. and Jerry J. Weidenbach (est. 1984)



Endowed department funds pay tribute to student and faculty excellence by providing funds to reward outstanding students and support department initiatives.

  • Caritas Award in Nursing
    James and Jeanne Malone, in honor of Dorothy P. Hambidge (est. 2009)

  • Helen Carroll Memorial Award in Religious Studies
    Saint Mary’s College (est. 1981)

  • Leonilda Francesca Acerra and Dominico Enrico Cristofaro Award in Italian
    Elizabeth Christopher Elmore 1968 (est. 2006)

  • Mimi Doherty Award in Education
    Sistie Doherty McEnery 1958, C.C. Shaughnessy Nessinger 1956, Rita Conley Bourjaily 1956 (est. 1992)

  • Katharine Terry Dooley Award in Peace and Justice
    Martin Dooley, Charles Dooley, Mary Dooley Houck, Ellen Dooley Cowperthwaite 1958, Brigid Dooley Dutile (est. 2000)

  • Suzanne M. Draths Student Travel Fund for Business Administration and Economics
    The John Buck Company Foundation (est. 2007)

  • Emma Krost Eder Award in Music
    Mary Halpin 1968, Anne Halpin 1970 (est. 2010)

  • Donald R. and Nora Barry Fischer Faculty Award in Teaching
    Donald R. and Nora Barry Fischer 1973 (est. 2010)

  • Lucille R. Griffin Memorial Fund in Art
    John B. Griffin (est. 2007)

  • Mary Frances Eder Halpin Award in Women’s Studies
    Mary Halpin 1968, Anne Halpin 1970 (est. 2010)

  • Donald N. M. Horning Research Award in Sociology
    Donald N. M. Horning (est. 2000)

  • Milko Jeglic Memorial Award in Mathematics
    Frank Jeglic (est. 1998)

  • Kevin and Marijo Rogers Kelly Faculty Service Award
    Kevin and Marijo Rogers Kelly 1977 (est. 2010)

  • Juliette Noone Lester Award in Political Science
    Urban A. and Juliette Noone Lester 1955 (est. 1990)

  • Elizabeth Lin Lo Award in Mathematics
    M. Lorreine Lo Chow 1974 (est. 2009)

  • Kerry J. Long Fund for Science
    Kerry J. Long 1970 (est. 2002)

  • Mary A. McDermott Award in Elementary Education
    Sister Maria Concepta McDermott 1943, CSC (est. 1977)

  • Grace Sullivan McGuire Award in Secondary Education
    Family and Friends (est. 1979)

  • Donald E. Miller Scholar Award in Mathematics
    Family and Friends (est. 2009)

  • C. Woolsey and Louise J. Motl Student Travel Grant
    Mary Louise Motl 1968 (est. 2010)

  • Carmi and Chris Murphy Faculty Award for Senior Comprehensive Mentorship
    Carmen and Christopher J. Murphy, III (est. 2011)

  • Josephine Murphy-Kuhl Research Award in Social Work
    William C. Murphy, J. Robert Murphy (est. 2005)

  • Ann Plamondon Lecture Series Fund in Communication Studies
    Alumnae, Family, and Friends (est. 2004)

  • William J. and Sophronia B. Schmuhl Fund for Early Childhood Education
    Estate of Sophronia B. Schmuhl (est. 2010)

  • Karen Bush Schneider Faculty Scholarship Award
    Karen Bush Schneider 1973 (est. 2010)

  • Martha Montgomery Schurz Memorial Award in History
    Franklin Schurz, Jr. (est. 1990)

  • Anne Hooper Spataro 1994 Rome Program Award
    Family and Friends (est. 2007)



Endowed library funds provide a steady source of additional revenue for the Cushwa-Leighton Library and help to sustain academic excellence. The Library currently owns over 270,000 volumes of print information, including access to over 20,000 journals in print and electronic format, over 18,000 microforms, and more than 2,000 titles of media/audio-visual resource. Students can access information from the computers and study spaces in the Library, from their own computers in the residence halls, or from off-campus.

  • Charles and Marjorie Sass Anning Leadership Library Fund
    Estate of Charles and Marjorie Sass Anning 1939 (est. 2009)

  • Ann K. Balfe Memorial Library Fund for Art
    Eileen Balfe Harrigan 1949, Marie Balfe Richardson 1952, Margaret Balfe 1957, Colleen Harrigan 1983, Margaret A. Richardson 1986 (est. 1990)

  • Rosann Gorman Conroy Library Fund for Mathematics
    Rosann Gorman Conroy 1965 (est. 1997)

  • Robert and Ruth Cronin Library Fund
    Deborah Johnson Schwiebert 1974 (est. 1994)

  • George James Efta Leadership Library Fund
    Carol Ann Mooney 1972 (est. 2009)

  • Faith Always, Action Now Library Fund
    Alumnae, Parents, Friends (est. 2010)

  • Hamel Family Library Fund
    Barbara A. Hamel 1979 (est. 1997)

  • Carolyn Hamilton Leadership Library Fund
    Bernard and Carolyn Dunlay Hamilton 1962 (est. 2009)

  • Martha A. Horvath Library Fund
    Martha A. Horvath 1951 (est. 1996)

  • Margaret Donohue John Memorial Library Fund
    James J. John, Mary John Miller (est. 2002)

  • Mrs. Mary Ann Lynch Keeler Library Fund
    Mary Ann Lynch Keeler 1947 (est. 1997)

  • Kuert Concrete Library Fund
    Kuert Concrete (est. 1995)

  • Robert and Marilyn Long Library Fund
    Kerry J. Long 1970, Connie Long Myers 1975 (est. 1997)

  • Sister M. Rita Claire Lyons, CSC, Library Fund
    William W. and Anna Jean Cushwa (est. 1997)

  • Murphy Family Library Fund
    Rita Murphy Carfagna 1975 (est. 1998)

  • Margaret Schwertley Nolan Library Fund
    Elizabeth Nolan 1950, Barbara Nolan Wagner 1952, Katherine Nolan Callacci 1955, Mary Frances Nolan Kensinger 1969 (est. 1998)

  • Lyda Murray Ryan Library Fund
    Richard and Edith Hill Gibney 1970 (est. 1997)

  • Edward and Blanche Schaeffer Memorial Library Fund
    Edward and Blanche Schaeffer (est. 2001)

  • Margaret Maloney Stack Library Fund
    Margaret Maloney Stack 1941 (est. 2001)

  • Sullivan-Slankas Family Library Fund
    John and Margaret Sullivan Slankas 1968 (est. 2008)

  • Ann Meagher Vander Vennet Library Fund
    George W. and Ann Meagher Vander Vennet 1959 (est. 1993)

  • Richard and Mary Ybarra Library Fund
    Gloria Ybarra 1975 (est. 1999)



In order to maintain Saint Mary’s standards of academic excellence and grow toward a more economically and culturally diverse student body, Saint Mary’s must be able to offer prospective and current students adequate scholarships and financial aid.

  • Alumnae Memorial Scholarship
    Alumnae Association Board of Directors (est. 1992)

  • Adamson Family Scholarship
    Kenneth and Joyce Robinson Adamson 1960 (est. 2007)

  • Ames/Ehlerman/Roark Scholarship
    P. Michael and Judith Ames Ehlerman 1961 (est. 2000)

  • Patricia Corn Andre Scholarship
    Richard and Patricia Corn Andre 1972 (est. 2010)

  • Georgia (Jill) Anthone Scholarship
    Michael and Brittany Anthone Reger 1997 (est. 2010)

  • Catherine and Paul Balbach Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College (est. 1974)

  • Dympna Balbach Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College (est. 1974)

  • Mark Bambenek Memorial Scholarship
    Students, Alumnae, and Friends (est. 1993)

  • Bank One of Indianapolis Scholarship
    Bank One of Indianapolis (est. 1993)

  • Helen S. Bartosch and Pennies E. Ryan Memorial Presidential Scholarship
    James R. and Colleen Ryan (est. 1996)

  • Rose Heiser Bauerlein Scholarship
    Edith J. Bauerlein 1925 (est. 1993)

  • Sister Rose Loyola Beatty, CSC, Memorial Scholarship
    Mary Ann Heaton Spitters 1949 (est. 2003)

  • Mary Ann and Joseph M. Beckwith Presidential Scholarship
    Joseph M. and Mary Ann Beckwith (est. 1997)

  • Kathy Malone Beeler Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College “Down the Avenue” (est. 2005)

  • Margery Guillaume Belanger Scholarship
    Sarah Belanger Earley 1971 (est. 2003)

  • Helen Bellina Scholarship
    Joseph J. Bellina, Sr. (est. 1994)

  • Bittorf, Albert, Sullivan Family Scholarship
    Family members (est. 2005)

  • Constance Goodwillie Block Memorial Scholarship
    Jeffrey F. Block (est. 1997)

  • Borg-Warner Scholarship
    Borg-Warner Foundation (est. 1991)

  • Mary Hustead Bottum Scholarship
    Mary Hustead Bottum 1978 (est. 2002)

  • Emily Haggerty Bradley Scholarship
    Emily Haggerty Bradley 1875 (est. 1918)

  • Robert and Mary Clark Bradley Scholarship
    Robert M. and Mary Clark Bradley 1961 (est. 2011)

  • Janyce Dunkin Brengel Study Abroad Scholarship
    Janyce Dunkin Brengel 1978 (est. 2011)

  • Katherine Ryan Brennan Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College (est. 1972)

  • Sister M. Rita Estelle Broussard, CSC, Scholarship
    Broussard Family (est. 1990)

  • Carolyn Ann Burke Scholarship
    Jerome J. and Judith Nelson Burke 1962 (est. 1978)

  • Business and Economics Scholarship
    Anonymous (est. 2005)

  • Frank C. and Marion C. Callahan Presidential Scholarship
    John and Mary Mortimer Meany 1967 (est. 1996)

  • Thomas J. and Mary Ann Kramer Campbell Scholarship
    Thomas J. and Mary Ann Kramer Campbell 1954 (est. 2002)

  • Campiglia-Heron Award
    Timothy E. and Marguerite A. Heron (est. 2001)

  • Marie Corby Carey Scholarship
    Marie Corby Carey 1941 (est. 1995)

  • Alice Danforth Carroll Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College (est. 1966)

  • Adaline Stefanac Cashore Scholarship
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 2008)

  • Janice Fahey Cavanaugh Scholarship
    Joseph F. Fahey, Jr. Family and Friends (est. 1992)

  • Frances Acerra and Dominic Henry Christopher Scholarship
    Richard and Elizabeth Christopher Elmore 1968 (est. 2003)

  • Florence Clark Scholarship
    Florence A. Clark (est. 1967)

  • Coley Family Presidential Scholarship
    Richard P. and Ceil Coley (est. 1996)

  • Patricia Lurel Cook Scholarship
    Patricia Lurel Cook 1975 (est. 1994)

  • Rosemary Maloney Cool and Anna Louise Maloney Patterson Scholarship
    Anna Maloney Patterson 1928 (est. 1979)

  • Marguerite Cooney Scholarship
    Marguerite Ann Cooney 1948 (est. 1983)

  • Cornerstone Foundation Scholarship
    Paul J. and Carol A. Schierl (est. 1994)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Cox Scholarship
    Edward A. and Rosemary T. Cox (est. 1983)

  • Ruth E. and Robert B. Cronin Scholarship
    Deborah Johnson Schwiebert 1974 (est. 2002)

  • Henrietta O’Brien Crowley Scholarship
    Jerome Crowley, Sr. (est. 1983)

  • Eileen Smith Cunningham Memorial Scholarship
    Randall Cunningham and Friends (est. 1997)

  • Margaret Hall Cushwa Memorial Scholarship
    Cushwa Family (est. 2002)

  • John J. and Cecil Dahm Scholarship
    Cecil Susan Dahm (est. 1997)

  • Frances A. Dahrling Scholarship
    Bruce E. Dahrling (est. 1984)

  • Elizabeth Eagen Daley Scholarship
    James C. Daley (est. 1945)

  • Martha Abberger Daly Scholarship
    Diane Daly McGarry 1970 (est. 2000)

  • Margaret Mary Moran D’Arcy Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College Board of Trustees (est. 2000)

  • Matilda and Gayle Davido Scholarship
    Alan Davido (est. 2008)

  • Joan Hoffman DeCrane Scholarship
    Alfred C. and Joan Hoffman DeCrane 1953 (est. 2003)

  • Dorothy Hayes Delaney Scholarship
    Mr. George W. Cannon (est. 1982)

  • Mimi Doherty Scholarship in Education
    Sistie Doherty McEnery 1958 (est. 2007)

  • Louise Sattler Donovan Memorial Scholarship
    Pauline Donovan 1955, Richard C. Donovan, T. Patrick Donovan (est. 1988)

  • Katherine Duffy and Marian Duffy Memorial Scholarship
    Katherine Duffy 1922, Marian Duffy 1926 (est. 1987)

  • Martin Dull Scholarship
    Martha Dull (est. 1981)

  • Duncan-Hotopp Family Scholarship
    Thomas and Dona Duncan Hotopp 1963 (est. 2006)

  • Marge and Paul Duncan Scholarship
    Thomas and Dona Duncan Hotopp 1963 (est. 2002)

  • Sister M. Rosaleen Dunleavy, CSC, Scholarship
    Sister M. Rosaleen Dunleavy 1947,CSC (est. 2005)

  • Earley Family Scholarship
    Anthony and Sarah Belanger Earley 1971 (est. 2009)

  • Charles Leo Eaton Scholarship
    Charles Leo Eaton (est. 1990)

  • Don and Kara Eberly Scholarship in Biology
    Don and Kara Eberly (est. 2007)

  • Marilou Eldred Scholarship
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 2000)

  • Frank and Jeannette Eyerly Scholarship
    Susan Eyerly Pichler 1961 (est. 1996)

  • Kathleen Ellen Fairl, Class of 2011 Scholarship
    William and Carolyn Fairl (est. 2011)

  • Faith Always, Action Now Scholarship
    Alumnae, Parents, Friends (est. 2010)

  • Faith Always, Action Now Study Abroad Scholarship for Diverse Students
    Alumnae, Parents, Friends (est. 2011)

  • Theresa Loeffel Farrell and Hanford F. Farrell Memorial Scholarship
    Thomas P. and Francis Farrell Callahan 1968 (est. 1995)

  • Dorothy M. Feigl Scholarship in Chemistry
    Sister Mary Elizabeth Imler, OSF (est. 2005)

  • Dorothy and Joseph Fitzgerald Scholarship
    Donald B. and Susan Fitzgerald Rice 1961 (est. 1993)

  • Dennis and Margaret Carroll Flynn Scholarship
    Dennis and Margaret Carroll Flynn 1964 (est. 1998)

  • Francis Family Financial Aid Award
    John J. and Kathryn Francis, Kathryn Francis Hanfland 1987 (est. 2007)

  • Margaret Cannon Frederick Scholarship
    George W. Cannon (est. 1994)

  • G. Bernard and Pauline E. Fromme Scholarship
    Pauline E. Fromme (est. 2001)

  • Gibbons/Estabrook Presidential Scholarship
    Anne Evans Estabrook (est. 1993)

  • Gibbons Family Rome Program Assistance Fund
    Jack and Kay Moore Gibbons 1962 (est. 1996)

  • Mother Kathryn Marie Gibbons, CSC, Memorial Scholarship
    Mary Ann Heaton Spitters 1949 (est. 2006)

  • Carol Ann Girzaitis Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
    Nancy M. Girzaitis 1981 (est. 2006)

  • Karen Schultz Goodyear Scholarship
    William and Karen Schultz Goodyear 1971 (est. 1998)

  • Elaine Jeffers Graf Memorial Scholarship
    Mary Graf Demetrio 1969 (est. 1986)

  • Harold P. Graham Family Presidential Scholarship
    Harold P. and Patricia Graham (est. 1998)

  • Gladys Reed Gwinn Scholarship
    Gladys Reed Gwinn 1936 (est. 2006)

  • Haggar Family Scholarship
    The Haggar Foundation (est. 1972)

  • Nancy Driscoll Haley Scholarship
    John A. Haley (est. 1993)

  • Carolyn Dunlay Hamilton Scholarship
    Carolyn Dunlay Hamilton 1962 (est. 2005)

  • Hamman Family Scholarship
    Sandra and James Hamman, Jr. (est 2007)

  • Katherine A. Hammel Scholarship
    Jack and Catherine Hammel Frischkorn 1975 (est. 2008)

  • Mary Kathryn Carroll Hartigan Scholarship in Elementary Education
    Mary Kathryn Carroll Hartigan 1957 (est. 2007)

  • Elizabeth Conlin Havican Scholarship
    Mother M. Rose Elizabeth Havican 1915, CSC (est. 1955)

  • H. J. Heinz Company Foundation Presidential Scholarship
    H. J. Heinz Company Foundation (est. 1993)

  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew A. Hellmuth Memorial Scholarship
    Mary Rita Hellmuth 1946 (est. 1984)

  • Hellyer Family Scholarship
    Timothy M. and Nancy R. Hellyer (est. 2010)

  • William A. Hickey Scholarship in Biology
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 1994)

  • Sister Bernice M. Hollenhorst, CSC, Scholarship
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 2004)

  • Holy Cross Grant Fund
    Anonymous (est. 2003)

  • Michael S. Horvath and Martha A. Horvath Scholarship
    Martha A. Horvath 1951 (est. 2007)

  • Sister Saint Jean Howl, CSC, and Sister M. Clarissa Conroy, CSC, Memorial Award
    Howl Family (est. 1998)

  • Janovsky-DePauw Memorial Scholarship
    Mary E. DePauw, Ph.D. (est. 2002)

  • Edward and Mary Johnson Scholarship
    Charles F. Riedinger (est. 1957)

  • Alma Vukovits Jordanich Scholarship
    Edward M. Jordanich (est. 1998)

  • Sister Magdala Judge, CSC, Scholarship
    Edith Bauerlein 1925 (est. 1991)

  • Mrs. Mary Ann Lynch Keeler Financial Aid Award
    Mary Ann Lynch Keeler 1947 (est. 2007)

  • Kiefer Family Financial Aid Award
    Jacob W. and Barbara Kiefer, Kathleen Kiefer Golmont ’80, Ann Kiefer Casey ’83,
    Mary Ann Kiefer Thayer ’84 (est. 2007)

  • William Kleine Family Scholarship
    William D. and Ann Kleine (est. 1994)

  • Sister M. Jean Klene, CSC, Scholarship
    Ann Struhs Roberts 1982 (est. 2008)

  • Suzanne Kondratenko Memorial Rome Program Award
    Family and Friends (est. 2003)

  • Korb-O’Brien Scholarship
    Ann Korb 1954 (est. 1997)

  • Kuhn, Lehmann, Carey Scholarship
    Helen Kuhn Carey 1951 (est. 2006)

  • Mary Kuntz McLean, Grace Kuntz Graves, and Elizabeth Kuntz Wickham Scholarship
    The Kuntz Foundation (est. 1990)

  • Peter Kuntz, Sr. Family Scholarship
    The Kuntz Foundation (est. 1992)

  • Landry-Pauli Family Scholarship
    Mary Jo Pauli Landry 1963 (est. 2002)

  • Dorothy May Leavitt Presidential Scholarship
    Gillman J. and Mary Ruth Leavitt (est. 1995)

  • Monsignor J. William Lester Scholarship
    Sister Jeanette Lester, CSC (est. 1999)

  • Lilly Faculty/Staff Scholarship
    Faculty and Staff of Saint Mary’s College (est. 2003)

  • Constance Baird Linbeck and Mary Elizabeth Baird Cherry Memorial Scholarship
    Anonymous (est. 2004)

  • Constance Baird Linbeck Memorial Scholarship in Biology
    Anonymous (est. 2007)

  • Frances B. Lyon Scholarship
    Frances B. Lyon 1917 (est. 1995)

  • Jo Ann Grima MacKenzie Scholarship
    Robert V. and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 2007)

  • Carol Mahony Memorial Scholarship
    Mahony Family (est. 2007)

  • Judith Rauenhorst Mahoney Scholarship
    Judith Rauenhorst Mahoney 1974 (est. 1984)

  • Susanne Kahl Laatz Mangan Memorial Award
    Mimi Wurzer Coryn 1953 (est. 1997)

  • Mangan-Michaud Scholarship
    Robert and Martha Mangan Michaud 1947 (est. 1991)

  • Maureen Hayes Mansfield Memorial Scholarship
    Senator Michael Mansfield (est. 2001)

  • Katherine McClatchy McAnaney Memorial Scholarship
    Peter B. and Adeline W. Ruffin Foundation (est. 1992)

  • Lawrence J. and Gretchen McCabe Presidential Scholarship
    Lawrence J. and Gretchen McCabe (est. 1993)

  • Elizabeth Ritchie McCandless Scholarship
    Marion McCandless 1900 (est. 1965)

  • Marion McCandless Memorial Scholarship
    Alumnae and Friends (est. 1972)

  • Anne A. McCarthy Scholarship
    Anne A. McCarthy 1904 (est. 1958)

  • Peter Walsh McCarthy Memorial Scholarship
    Brian J. and Mary Behrens McCarthy 1968, Harold M. and Dorothy McCarthy (est. 1993)

  • Sister Maria Concepta McDermott, CSC, Scholarship
    Richard and Maureen Musset Welch 1956 (est. 1990)

  • Monsignor John J. McGrath Scholarship
    Friends and Family (est. 1970)

  • McGraw/Morrical Family Endowed Scholarship
    Ann McGraw Morrical 1985, Jack and Joan McGraw (est. 2004)

  • John William and Gloria Schulte McKenna Family Scholarship
    John William and Gloria Schulte McKenna (est. 1997)

  • Mary Kelly McLaughlin Scholarship in Sociology
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 1991)

  • Robert McLaughlin Scholarship
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 1996)

  • Helen Neumann McMahon Scholarship
    Alice McMahon Silva, Louise McMahon, Linda McMahon Hyduk 1974 (est. 2001)

  • Margaret Hayes McManus Memorial Scholarship
    Catharine Harahan McConnell 1978 (est. 2002)

  • Meagher Family Scholarship
    James L. and Floy Terstegge Meagher 1943 (est. 1993)

  • John and Mary Mortimer Meany Presidential Scholarship
    John and Mary Mortimer Meany 1967 (est. 1996)

  • Anne Barany Monserez Scholarship
    James H. and Anne Barany Monserez 1948 (est. 1995)

  • Carol Ann Mooney Scholarship
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 2006)

  • Consuelo and Edward Mooney Scholarship
    Carol Ann Mooney 1972 (est. 2004)

  • Norman and Phyllis Mooney Scholarship
    James R. and Jennifer Mooney Stevens 1974 (est. 2003)

  • Pauline Hellman Mulroney Memorial Scholarship
    Margaret Mulroney (est. 1998)

  • Carmen Murphy Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College “Down the Avenue” (est. 2011)

  • David J. Murphy Carmelite Scholarship in Theology
    Carmelite Order, Friends of Father David J. Murphy, O. Carm (est. 1998)

  • Murphy Sisters Scholarship
    Mary L. Burke 1985 (est. 2006)

  • Tom and Olive Murray Scholarship
    Richard Murray, Jo Anne Murray Libert 1951, Carolyn Murray Powley 1944 (est. 1981)

  • Nellie Smith Nacy Scholarship
    Ellen Smyth Nacy 1900 (est. 1927)

  • Need-based Scholarship
    Anonymous (est. 1940)

  • Need-based Scholarship
    Anonymous (est. 1984)

  • Need-based Scholarship for daughters of single mothers
    Anonymous (est. 1999)

  • Need-based Scholarship for multicultural students
    Anonymous (est. 1995)

  • Need-based Scholarship for multicultural students
    who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement
    Anonymous (est. 1987)

  • Nessinger Scholarship
    Thomas J. and C.C. Shaughnessy Nessinger 1956 (est. 1993)

  • Marjorie A. Neuhoff Scholarship
    Estate of Marjorie A. Neuhoff 1961 (est. 2010)

  • Archbishop Noll Scholarship
    Archbishop John F. Noll (est. 1956)

  • Janis Harris North Scholarship
    Philip R. and Janis Harris North 1942 (est. 1997)

  • Notre Dame Federal Credit Union Scholarship
    Notre Dame Federal Credit Union (est. 1996)

  • Mary Katherine O’Brien Scholarship
    Florence O’Brien (est. 1972)

  • Patrick O’Brien Scholarship
    Matilda Byerly O’Brien (est. 1913)

  • Sister M. Basil Anthony O’Flynn, CSC, Scholarship
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 1998)

  • Sister M. Francis Jerome O’Laughlin, CSC, Scholarship
    Sister M. Francis Jerome O’Laughlin, CSC (est. 1948)

  • Lucille Weigand O’Shaughnessy Scholarship
    I.A. O’Shaughnessy Foundation (est. 1992)

  • O’Toole Scholarship
    Edward M. and Barbara Patrick O’Toole 1959 (est. 1993)

  • Raymond and Beulah Patnaude Scholarship
    Raymond and Beulah Patnaude (est. 1958)

  • Theresa McLaughlin Patterson Scholarship
    Robert and Mary Kelly McLaughlin 1942 (est. 1985)

  • Susan P. Peters Scholarship
    Susan P. Peters 1975 (est. 2008)

  • June Hoene Petersen Scholarship
    William L. Petersen and Gina Cirone (est. 2007)

  • Peterson-O’Connell Scholarship
    Alan and Mildred Peterson (est. 1991)

  • Patricia McAndrews Pilger Scholarship in Social Work
    Richard and Patricia McAndrews Pilger 1954 (est. 1999)

  • Podesta/Schlesinger Scholarship in memory of Robert A. Podesta
    and in honor of Bruno Schlesinger
    Carol Podesta Foley 1959 (est. 2001)

  • Presidential Fellowship
    Anonymous (est. 1983)

  • Presidential Scholarships for Academic Excellence
    Saint Mary’s College Parents Council (est. 1992)

  • Ernestine M. Raclin Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College “Down the Avenue” (est. 2007)

  • Mary Rauh Memorial Scholarship
    Mary Rauh 1927 (est. 1984)

  • Sister Miriam Joseph Rauh, CSC, Scholarship
    Sister Miriam Joseph Rauh 1920, CSC (est. 1983)

  • Susan Gudgeon Reilly Scholarship
    Thomas V. and Susan Gudgeon Reilly 1970 (est. 2010)

  • Louis and Adaline Crowley Riedinger Scholarship
    Charles F. Riedinger (est. 1957)

  • Sister Pauline Roach, CSC, Scholarship
    Anonymous (est. 1997)

  • Sister Agnes Anne Roberts, CSC, Scholarship
    Mary Agnes Roberts Mannix 1983 (est. 2007)

  • Dorella Katherine Robinson and Joyce Robinson Adamson Scholarship
    Kenneth M. and Joyce Robinson Adamson 1960 (est. 1997)

  • Roche Family Scholarship
    Marne Roark Roche 1968 (est. 2001)

  • Hannah S. Rosenthal Scholarship
    B. J. Rosenthal Foundation (est. 1964)

  • Angela Andrews Ryan Rome Program Memorial Award
    Family and friends (est. 2007)

  • Elizabeth O’Hara Ryan Scholarship
    Richard E. Ryan (est. 1997)

  • Mary A. Ryan Scholarship
    William G. and Mary Ryan (est. 1995)

  • Cynthia B. Sack Award
    Cynthia B. Sack 1947 (est. 2003)

  • Scanlon/McKeever Award
    Patricia Scanlon McKeever 1961 (est. 1997)

  • Winifred Mulcahey Schaefers Memorial Scholarship
    Harold G. Schaefers (est. 1986)

  • Paul J. and Carol A. Schierl Scholarship
    Paul J. and Carol A. Schierl (est. 1995)

  • William J. and Sophronia B. Schmuhl Scholarship in Social Work
    Estate of Sophronia B. Schmuhl (est. 2010)

  • Scholl Foundation Nursing Scholarship
    Dr. Scholl Foundation (est. 1980)

  • Roy and Mary Schultheis Scholarship
    Mary Schultheis (est. 1964)

  • Gwendolyn Seidensticker Scholarship
    Gwendolyn Seidensticker 1928 (est. 1984)

  • Sesquicentennial Memorial Scholarship in honor of the Sisters of the Holy Cross
    Mary Ann Heaton Spitters 1949 (est. 1996)

  • Eli and Helen Shaheen Scholarship
    Eli and Helen Shaheen (est. 1995)

  • Helen M. Sheppard Scholarship
    Helen M. Sheppard (est. 1982)

  • J. Patrick Showalter Family Scholarship
    John P. and LaVerne Showalter (est. 1993)

  • Shuff Family Scholarship
    Margaret Mary Scanlan Shuff 1963 (est. 1998)

  • Sisters of the Holy Cross Memorial Scholarship
    Sisters of the Holy Cross (est. 1976)

  • Sisters of the Holy Cross Sesquicentennial Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College (est. 1992)

  • Frances Slattery Scholarship
    Sister M. Laurita Slattery 1922, CSC (est. 1966)

  • Elise Peyton Smith Scholarship
    Elise Peyton Smith 1907 (est. 1973)

  • Sodexo Scholarship
    Sodexo Campus Services (est. 2006)

  • Student Government Service Scholarship
    Mary Grace Diehl and Michael K. Jablonski (est. 2003)

  • Rose McCullough Sullivan Scholarship
    William R. McCullough (est. 1981)

  • Spike Sullivan Family Scholarship
    Martin F. Sullivan, Robert J. Sullivan (est. 1998)

  • Todd Sullivan Scholarship
    Steven C. and Kathleen Huisking Sullivan 1968 (est. 2003)

  • Regina Marie Symonds Scholarship
    Leland R. and Barbara Symonds (est. 1991)

  • Sister M. Agnes Cecile Teders, CSC, Scholarship
    Richard and Maureen Musset Welch 1956 (est. 1990)

  • Trustey Family Scholarship
    Joseph F. and Kristine Anderson Trustey 1986 (est. 2005)

  • Tuohy Family Scholarship
    Joe and Virginia Koschnick Tuohy 1950 (est. 1994)

  • Ann Meagher Vander Vennet Scholarship
    Ann Meagher Vander Vennet 1959 (est. 2006)

  • Sarah and Joseph Van Drisse Scholarship
    Joseph and Sarah Van Drisse (est. 1978)

  • Isabel Van Huffel Dray and Evelyn Van Huffel Reese Scholarship
    Isabel Van Huffel Dray 1939, Evelyn Van Huffel Reese Lawlor 1945 (est. 1993)

  • Mary Hourigan Van Huffel Memorial Scholarship
    Isabel Van Huffel Dray 1939, Evelyn Van Huffel Reese Lawlor 1945 (est. 2003)

  • Beth Lichtenfels Veihmeyer Scholarship
    John Veihmeyer (est. 2009)

  • ViBern Scholarship
    ViBern Foundation (est. 2000)

  • Frank and Linda Visceglia Scholarship
    Frank Visceglia Foundation, Linda Jerzykowski Visceglia 1966,
    Peter and Michele Byrne-Visceglia 1982, Nicole Visceglia 1995 (est. 1985)

  • Helen Holland Voll Scholarship
    The Bernard Voll Family (est. 1967)

  • Mary A. Walsh Theatre Award
    Thomas H. Walsh (est. 1990)

  • Jane J. Warner Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College “Down the Avenue” (est. 2002)

  • Warner-O’Shay Scholarship
    Mary W. O’Shay 1941 (est. 2001)

  • Wick Scholarship
    Richard H. and Mary Kay Wick (est. 1995)

  • Dorothy and Darwin Wiekamp Scholarship
    Darwin and Dorothy Wiekamp (est. 1997)

  • Margaret Kennedy Williams Scholarship
    Mr. Robert J. Williams, Sr. (est. 1985)

  • Mary Ellen Cushwa Wolsonovich Memorial Scholarship
    Anonymous (est. 2007)

  • Sister M. Madeleva Wolff, CSC, Scholarship
    Helen Hayes (est. 1984)



Class scholarships offer a unique opportunity for individual classes to leave a legacy at Saint Mary’s. Working together, classmates enjoy the satisfaction of making a significant impact on the lives of Saint Mary’s students.

  • Class of 1955 Scholarship
    Class of 1955 (est. 2003)

  • Class of 1956 Scholarship
    Class of 1956 (est. 2006)

  • Class of 1957 Scholarship
    Class of 1957 (est. 2006)

  • Class of 1958/Sister M. Alma Peter, CSC Scholarship
    Class of 1958 (est. 2007)

  • Class of 1959 Scholarship
    Class of 1959 (est. 2006)

  • Class of 1960 Scholarship
    Class of 1960 (est. 2009)

  • Class of 1961 Scholarship
    Class of 1961 (est. 2010)

  • Class of 1965 Scholarship
    Class of 1965 (est. 2002)

  • Class of 1976 Memorial Award
    Class of 1976 (est. 2006)

  • Class of 1991 Circle of Friends Award
    1991 Circle of Friends (est. 2004)



In an effort to support students from their communities, many Alumnae Clubs have endowed need-based scholarships and financial aid awards.

  • Chicago Alumnae Club Scholarship
    Chicago Alumnae Club (est. 1984)

  • Cleveland Alumnae Club Award
    Cleveland Alumnae Club (est. 1983)

  • Columbus Alumnae Club Award
    Columbus Alumnae Club (est. 1997)

  • Dallas Alumnae Club Award
    Dallas Alumnae Club (est. 1999)

  • Detroit Alumnae Club Award
    Detroit Alumnae Club (est. 2003)

  • Georgia Alumnae Club Scholarship
    Georgia Alumnae Club (est. 2006)

  • Indianapolis Alumnae Club Award
    Indianapolis Alumnae Club (est. 1987)

  • Los Angeles Alumnae Club Award
    Los Angeles Alumnae Club (est. 2007)

  • Saint Louis Alumnae Club Award
    Saint Louis Alumnae Club (est. 1982)

  • South Bend Alumnae Club Scholarship
    South Bend Alumnae Club (est. 1935)

  • Washington DC Alumnae Club Scholarship
    Washington DC Alumnae Club (est. 1982)



Annual restricted donations provided financial aid for immediate use.

  • Bridget Anderson/KPMG Accounting Scholarship
    Bridget O’Brien Anderson 1980

  • Sister Mary Brassil, CSC Scholarship
    Brassil Family

  • Jennifer Herzog Clark Memorial Scholarship
    Todd and Kathleen Herzog

  • Colorado Alumnae Club Scholarship
    Colorado Alumnae Club

  • Community Foundation of Saint Joseph County Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College

  • Crowe Horwath Accounting Scholarship
    Crowe Horwath

  • Deloitte Accounting Scholarship
    Deloitte LLP

  • Ernst & Young Accounting Scholarship
    Ernst & Young

  • Carlene Grube Memorial Scholarship in Nursing
    Carlene Grube

  • P. Jordan and Marjorie Hosinski Hamel Memorial Scholarship
    Barbara Hamel 1979

  • Houston Alumnae Club Scholarship
    Houston Alumnae Club

  • Irene Horning Memorial Scholarship
    Donald N.M. Horning

  • Kansas City Alumnae Club Award
    Kansas City Alumnae Club

  • Wayne Kent Memorial Scholarship
    Rita Kolan Kent 1961

  • Ladies of Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s College Scholarship
    Ladies of Notre Dame/Saint Mary’s

  • Carmella and Joseph Lazzara Memorial Scholarship
    The Lazzara Family Foundation

  • William P. and Mary Lou Linnen Scholarship
    Lou Linnen

  • Susanne Kahl Mangan Foundation Scholarship in Education
    Sarah J. Neff, Deidre Laatz Desideri 1989, Peter Laatz, Sean Mangan

  • William and Catherine Gerlach Miller Scholarship
    William and Catherine Gerlach Miller 1924

  • Moreau Music Scholarship
    Saint Mary’s College

  • Father Basil Anthony Moreau, CSC, Scholarship
    Sisters of the Holy Cross

  • Julie R. Pellettiere Memorial Scholarship
    Kathleen Beaulieu 1976

  • Mary Gay Peltier Memorial Scholarship
    Family and Friends

  • Edwina Powell Memorial Scholarship
    Ray M. Powell

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Accounting Scholarship

  • San Diego Alumnae Club Scholarship
    San Diego Alumnae Club

  • Sister Maria Pieta Scott, CSC, Scholarship
    Margaret Habig 1952

  • Bea Tarara Memorial Scholarship
    Richard Tarara

  • UPS Scholar Program Scholarship
    United Parcel Service

  • Lucile Clemens Weber Memorial Scholarship
    Lucile Clemens Weber 1930

  • Susan Shalgos Wolsfeld Award
    Susan Shalgos Wolsfeld 1964

  • Jane Zusman Memorial Scholarship in Theatre
    Marty Zusman