Astonishing Details - Leah Judge '13

Astonishing Details

Leah Judge ’13 is captivated by the intricacies of the human brain. She has big plans to attend medical school, do a residency, and eventually practice neurology. The Springs, Mich., native intends to pursue a biology major at Saint Mary’s with a minor in communicative disorders. “Biology explores the magic of the world with profound and excited curiosity, maintaining respect and admiration for the beauty of life,” says Leah. Her own profound curiosity and enthusiasm for the subjects she loves motivate Leah to explore them at Saint Mary’s.

After a couple of visits to the College as a high school student, Leah was sold on the biology department. She was looking for an exceptional program with an intimate atmosphere and found it here. She says that now, her professors truly know her and delight in her success. Being surrounded by such encouragement is all the more inspiring. “The people around me, through their words and actions, are teaching me the power of kindness, caring, and leadership,” she says.

In her free time, Leah plays the piano and violin, sings, and plays sports. A first-year student, Leah has plunged whole-heartedly into the Saint Mary’s community and made some good friends in the process. She also works at an area hospital and volunteers at a child-care facility.

As for her future career, Leah speaks of her interest in neurology and the structures and functions of the body. “It would be an incredible privilege to be able to study the brain, the adverse effects of its diseases, and the treatment of diseases in further detail,” she says. Leah’s passion for what she calls the “astonishing details” of life has made her a dedicated student of biology as she pursues her ultimate goal of helping others with knowledge gained from her studies.

—Sarah Sheppard ’11