Farrell Mentor Program

Thanks to the vision and generosity of Neal F. and Barbara Farrell, whose three daughters graduated from Saint Mary's College, the Center for Academic Innovation offers new faculty extensive, multi-faceted mentoring and support. The Farrell Mentor Program provides a strong foundation of information, wisdom, and collegial fellowship on which to build a successful and rewarding career at Saint Mary's.

Tenured faculty mentors who are chosen for their teaching excellence, scholarship, and institutional experience meet regularly with new full-time, tenure-track faculty throughout their first year, answering questions, sharing advice, and discussing substantive professional topics. These meetings encourage and celebrate the close interdisciplinary connections possible at a small liberal arts college, and provide a collegial introduction to the distinctive culture and mission of the Saint Mary's College academic community.

In addition, new tenure-track faculty are joined by all new full-time faculty in a year-long administrative orientation program consisting of meetings with academic administrators and support personnel who provide necessary and helpful information on policies, procedures and resources.

The Farrell Pretenure Faculty Group, co-directed by two pretenure faculty facilitators, plans and organizes frequent peer mentoring and fellowship gatherings for all pretenure faculty, from their first year of appointment through tenure.