Life in Holy Cross Hall

Holy Cross Hall As you drive down The Avenue, one of the most beautiful parts of the Saint Mary’s campus, one of the most striking buildings on the campus slowly comes into view: Holy Cross Hall. I am lucky to call this impressive structure my home.

When you picture a college dorm, images of a ten-story building with cement walls and cold tile floors come to mind. However, Holy Cross Hall is completely the opposite. The grand entrance is unforgettable with elegant staircases ascending on each side of a marble statue of Saint Michael. With Holy Cross Hall’s high ceilings, wood floors, and ornate architecture—complete with turrets, parlors, and a chapel—there is no other place I would rather live.

But beyond the appearance of Holy Cross, the girls who live here truly make it special. The combination of residents from every class, freshman through senior, adds an enjoyable dynamic to life here. It’s great to make friends from all classes. The girls in Holy Cross have become like family, and we spend all of our free time together just chatting or having movie nights. Because of the wide open space and tall ceilings in my room—a quad—what better way to spend a random Tuesday night than playing basketball with a makeshift net? Or, when homework becomes too much for us, our room evolves into a dance studio where we blast Adele and have a dance party with our neighbors.

In the basement of Holy Cross, you can find Miss Jayne bopping around the campus post office. Holy Cross also houses Women’s Health and the Belles Against Violence Office (BAVO).

There are so many things to love about Holy Cross, but the incredible architecture and even better sense of community are the top reasons I’m glad to call it my home.

Megan Finan
Megan Finan, Class of 2014, is from Woodridge, Illinois, and intends to major in elementary education