"As the Taliban returns to power in Afghanistan, we watch, often helplessly, the erosion of educational gains made by Afghan women. Their plight is a devastating reminder that women are actually critical to advancing education across generations: the children of educated women are more likely to be educated themselves--and more likely to contribute to peaceful and flourishing societies.  Saint Mary’s College has a long tradition of educating women. The Sisters of the Holy Cross, who founded this College, made a commitment to access in education.  Our own ongoing mission requires us to stand in solidarity with Afghan women and to offer help in whatever ways we can.  We invite you to use this website to educate yourself about the growing crisis in Afghanistan, especially as it pertains to women and their human rights."

Katie Conboy, Ph.D.


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Education Meets Action 

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Learn from Feminist Scholars of Islam and Muslim Feminists

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In Solidarity 

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General Information about Afghanistan

Afghan-American Coalition "Ways to Help"

The Samavor Network

Brown University's Cost of War Initiative

Resources for Understanding and Challenging Islamophobia

Musawah (Equality)

Jennifer Fluri Discusses the Gender Politics of the US Withdrawal from Afghanistan with Sandra McEvoy

Learn from Feminist Scholars of Islam and Muslim Feminists

Lila Abu-Lughod

Homa Hoodfar

Asma Barlas

Leila Ahmed

Saba Mahmood

Mahmood Mamdani

Take Action, Get Involved

Local Organizations

Indiana Refugee Health Program

  • State Refugee Coordinator: Matthew Schomburg (855) 673-0193
  • State Refugee Health Coordinator: Alicia Earnest (317) 234-2752

Office of Global Michigan-Refugee Services

  • State Refugee Coordinator: Ben Cabanaw (517) 512-5668
  • State Refuge Health Coordinator: Helen McGuirk (517) 256-4250

United Religious Community of St. Joseph County

International Organizations

Church World Service

UNHCR Resettlement Partners

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent 

Afghan-American Women's Collective

Lectures and Events

Poster for Feminist Approaches in Afghanistan and the United States


In Solidarity

The Center for Women’s Intercultural Leadership (CWIL), the Department of Gender & Women's Studies, and the Department of Global Studies join with the National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) to "express our solidarity with Afghan women's rights and feminist activists and scholars, and human rights activists, many of whom are currently being targeted by the Taliban." To read the full NWSA statement, click here.