Women's Health: Make a Referral

Make a Referral

If you are unsure of how to proceed in a specific situation involving a student in distress, we encourage you to refer to the Resource Guide: Working With Student's That Need Assistance.

As a referring person, you are the first step in the counseling process.  Your apporach toward the student and your attitude about counseling are of major importance.  Many first-time clients have strong apprehensions about counseling.  They are concerned about what others may think; they feel they should be able to "handle their own problems;" they are concerned that seeking a counselor might mean that they are crazy.  Encouragement from you goes a long way.

  • Suggest in a caring, concerned and forthright manner that the student talk with a counselor.
  • Describe to the student the behaviors which are of concern to you.
  • Inform student the services through Women's Health are free and that confidentiality is respected and assured.  You may wish to reassure the student that the staff at Women's Health are competent and well-trained professionals.
  • Give the student the Women's Health phone number (574-284-4805) and location (50 Holy Cross Hall).
  • You are welcome to help the student call Women's Health if you desire.
  • Sometimes it might be a few days before a counselor is available. Therefore, it is extremely important that you inform Women's Health if you consider the situation one that requires immedicate attention.  Such emergencies are responded to immediately.
  • If you want to talk to a WH staff member about a student, get the student's permission to do so if possible.
  • Remember that changing basic attitudes and feelings, learning to handle everyday problems or improving academic erformance may be a process which moves slowly.
  • Respect the individual.  You and the counselor help by providing a variety of alternative solutions and assistance in problem solving.  Remember, the student may choose to either ignore or accept the help available.  It is ultimately the student's decision.
  • You may find it helpful to direct the student the to Women's Health web page for further information.
  • Feel free to give us any information that you believe would be important for us to know in working with the student; however, please keep in mind that even if you are the initial person who refers the student here, services at Women's Health are confidential and we are not at liberty to provide you with any follow-up information, including whether or not the student showed up for the appointment, what was discussed during their session, or whether or not she will be receiving ongoing counseling.  Feel free to contact the Women's Health Director, Izzy Fourman at (574) 284-4801.  A brief conversation may help you sort out the relevant issues, explore ways to approach the student, and identify appropriate resources.