Health and Counseling Center Services and Fees

What to expect

When a student calls or comes to the Health and Counseling Center to make an appointment, she will usually talk to our Administrative Assistant. The student will be given an appointment as soon as possible which fits into her schedule. If the problem is ugent please make that fact known and arrangements will be made accordingly. 

Health appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes each. The student will be evaluated based on need, history and symptoms. Expect to answer questions concerning medications, allergies and past history. Appointments can also be scheduled for a variety of other reasons. Feel free to call if you have a specific question. Referrals to off-campus providers, that may better meet her needs, may also be given as an option.

Counseling appointments are scheduled to last between 45-50 minutes. The initial appointment will involve completing paperwork which includes basic information about the student, a brief description of her struggle, and any present symptoms. During the session, the student has the opportunity to describe her difficulty and ask questions. The student and counselor will decide if continued counseling is the best route to take. If so, a plan will be made to continue at HCC or the student will be given a referral to an off-campus provider that may better meet her needs.

Services and Fees

Students are not charged for medical, counseling or nutrition appointments. Charges are made for testing, prescription medicines, some supplies, and injections.  Students are informed of any charges at the time they are incurred. Charges can be paid in cash, check or billed directly to the student's Saint Mary’s account. Inability to pay should not discourage students from utilizing the Health and Counseling Center. It is important to be honest and up-front with your health care provider in all matters, including ability to pay for services. Payment plans as well as payment options may be available.

Unless they are paid for at the time service is rendered, Saint Mary's College Health and Counseling Center will send charges to the Business Office to be processed at the end of each month.  The bill will show the following information: name, student identification number, and date of service. No medical diagnosis, procedure or medications will be on this document. The bill will be documented as "Health and Counseling Center Charge." You may choose to pay cash directly to HCC, at the time of service, if desired. Itemized billing statements that include health information will be realeased to the student or the student's designated representative only upon the request and with the written consent of the student. HCC does not submit claims for individual insurance plans but will provide billing documentation for students to submit to their insurer.

A missed appointment with a failure to cancel the appointment will result in a $25.00 charge to your student account.


Detail of 2015 - 2016 charges:

Service 15/16 Charge
Ear Irrigation              $5.00
ECG            $20.00
HCG              $5.00
Injection            $10.00
Mono Test              $5.00
Nebulizer Treatment              $5.00
No-Show            $25.00
Phlebotomy            $10.00
Strep Test              $5.00
Suture Removal                   $5.00
TST (TB Test)                $10.00
Urine Analysis              $5.00
Flu Shot                $20.00    


*cancelations with a psychiatrist with less than 24 hours notice will result in a $10 late cancelation fee applied to your student account.