Computing and Applied Mathematics Major

Computational MathematicsComputing and applied mathematics combines computer science and statistics with applied mathematics, enabling you to make predictions through modeling, analysis, algorithm development, and simulation.

Use your computing and applied mathematics degree to predict the course of diseases, to study the brain by mapping neurons or sequence genes. Businesses and government utilize it for strategic planning and data mining. Even the entertainment industry uses computational mathematics for use in computer animation and digital imaging.

The Experience
The liberal arts foundation complements the technical courses in this major. Gain valuable experience on campus as a microcomputer support specialist or laboratory assistant or supervisor. Opportunities exist for internships at places like Ernst & Young, Ford Motor Company, and Hewlett Packard.

The Requirements
In addition to your courses and internships, you'll complete an extended independent study project on an unfamiliar topic. A faculty member supervises your progress and provides advice where needed. The project culminates in the public presentation of a written paper of the results of the study. 

The Writing
Develop mathematical writing skills to deepen your understanding of mathematics and enable you to communicate mathematical ideas to a range audiences. Throughout your years here, you'll demonstrate writing proficiency in expository mathematics, technical or analytical mathematics, and in a senior comprehensive paper. 

The Results
Recent alumnae are attending graduate schools such as Iowa State, Loyola, University of Chicago, and the University of Missouri-Columbia. Career opportunities exist in critical industries such as aerospace, engineering, electronics, biology, and medicine.