Mathematics Major

students in classAs a mathematics major, you’ll gain the foundation for problem solving in a wide variety of fields. Your courses will help you develop strong quantitative skills and the ability to think clearly about complex processes. You’ll use creativity, analysis, and logic as you learn to synthesize ideas, make decisions, and communicate your results with precision.

Outside the classroom, opportunities for research and valuable internships will prepare you for both technical and non-technical careers.

The Experience
The liberal arts foundation complements the technical courses in this major. Gain valuable experience on campus as a microcomputer support specialist or laboratory assistant or supervisor. Opportunities exist for internships at places like Ernst & Young, Ford Motor Company, and Hewlett Packard.

The Requirements
During the second semester of your senior year, you’ll choose a topic to study independently with a faculty advisor in the mathematics department. In a special seminar, you’ll present your work to your peers. Your project will culminate with a paper and public presentation of major results, with questions from faculty members who support and understand your work.  

The Writing
Develop mathematical writing skills to deepen your understanding of mathematics and enable you to communicate mathematical ideas to a range of audiences. Throughout your years here, you'll demonstrate writing proficiency in expository mathematics, technical or analytical mathematics, and in a senior comprehensive paper.

The Results
Prepare for a variety of careers in which technical skills, problem solving, and creativity are valued. Choose a professional future in information technology, business, teaching, engineering, or many other fields. Many Saint Mary’s mathematics graduates continue their studies in top graduate programs.