Friends with Sisters

The Friends with Sisters Club is an organization within the Student Government Association whose primary purpose is to connect the Sisters of the Holy Cross who live on Saint Mary's campus, with students from Saint Mary's College. It is an intergenerational relationship that proves helpful for both students and sisters. It provides various opportunities for students to learn more about the Sisters of the Holy Cross, founders and sponsors of the College. At the same time it reconnects sisters with the college in ways that only students can provide. Each club has a student leader and faculty/staff advisor. This particular club also works very closely with the Activity Director of Saint Mary’s Convent. It is the largest club on campus and each year connects approximately one hundred sisters with some 120 students in very specific and individual ways. Many students desire a one-on-one relationship and are paired with one particular sister during the year, others feel that small group relationships are best for them and others enjoy planning large events.  There are several large group events planned during the year, such as the “meet and greet” evening, a Halloween party, Christmas caroling, Mardi Gras and a farewell party at the end of the year.

Through this student club/organization students continue to grow in their appreciation of the significance of the Sisters of the Holy Cross to the history of Saint Mary’s College, and the legacy that students enjoy because of the rich history of the sisters. Students and sisters continue to enrich each other’s lives as they grow in their friendship with one another.


You may obtain further information from:

Bridget Enright, President
Hannah Hestad, Vice President
Mary Klemczewski, College Advisor