Sister Margaret Lorraine Divine, CSC

(September 2, 1926 - April 12, 2012)

Word has been received of the death of Sister Margaret Lorraine Devine, who died at 2:45 a.m. on Thursday, April 12, 2012, in Queen of Peace Convent, Notre Dame, Indiana.

The outgoing nature of Sister Margaret Lorraine made her a friend to all — to family, faculty associates, parish personnel, choir members, parents, students, fellow sports fans and anyone else who came within the radius of her magnanimous personality. She was all-inclusive and knew how to get along with people from every walk of life. She was dubbed “the hostess with the mostess” because she loved a party, whether as the planner or as a guest.

After spending 20 years in the Midwest teaching in various elementary schools, Sister Margaret Lorraine went to Queen of All Saints School in Michigan City, Indiana, where she stayed for more than 30 years, becoming totally involved in the life of the parish community. She loved the people and was loved in return.

Sister Margaret Lorrain was a gifted first-grade teacher. Some would even say she had a charism in dealing with these “little people.” She called her students the light of her life and her role as a primary teacher as her greatest joy. This wonderful relationship extended to her students’ parents and to the faculty members she considered as family. The bonds she established in her three-plus decades at “Queens” gave her support in ministry and lifelong friendships.

No story of Sister Margaret Lorraine would be complete without mentioning her passion for sports. Because she was a native Chicagoan, she loved all the Chicago teams and rooted for them, win or lose. However, few could match her enthusiasm for the football team of the University of Notre Dame. During the games she would be on the phone with her good friend Marty, cheering and booing as appropriate, each watching the game in her own living room — now that’s a true fan.

Music was another important aspect of Sister Margaret Lorraine’s life. She loved music of any kind and, of course, the dancing that went with it. As a member of the adult parish choir she delighted in the friendships and in sharing the joy of singing with others.

Sister Margaret Lorraine was an organizer. This applied to everything she did, including her prayer life. At the convent she established a firm routine of community prayers and scheduled the recitation of the rosary and litany for every Saturday afternoon. Her greatest devotion was to Our Blessed Mother, so she was thrilled when she had the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes in France. The Blessed Mother and the choir of angels probably greeted Sister Margaret Lorraine this Thursday morning with joy and song. May she rest in peace.


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