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image: Blessed Father Basil Anthony Moreau

Moreau's Mission Today...

Founder of the sisters, brothers, and priests of Holy Cross
With heartfelt gratitude and pride, the Holy Cross family of sisters, brothers, and priests celebrated the beatification of Father Moreau on September 15, 2007. A crowd of 5,000 could not contain its joy Saturday afternoon in Le Mans, France, when Blessed Father Basil Anthony Moreau was pronounced “Blessed.”

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The example and the teaching of Basil Moreau continue to inspire the religious family of sisters, brothers, and priests of Holy Cross, which he founded to serve the people of God. (See Virtues.)

About Basil Anthony Moreau:

Born on February 11, 1799, in Laigné-en-Belin near Le Mans, France, Father Moreau experienced the devastating consequences of the French Revolution. Ordained a priest at 22 years of age, he taught and served as assistant superior of the major seminary in Le Mans. Deeply committed to preaching and Christian education in France, he laid the foundations for the society of auxiliary priests.

In 1835, at the bishop’s request, he took direction of the Brothers of St. Joseph, founded in 1820 by Father James Dujarié. On March 1, 1837, the auxiliary priests and the Brothers of St. Joseph were united into the Association of Holy Cross. With papal approval in May 1857, this association became the Congregation of Holy Cross.

In 1841, to respond more effectively to the mission, Father Moreau founded a group of women religious. Today, the women form three distinct congregations: Marianites of Holy Cross, Sisters of the Holy Cross, and Sisters of Holy Cross.

Although Father Moreau resigned as superior general in 1866, he continued an active preaching and retreat ministry until his death on January 20, 1873.


Provident God,
we give you joyful thanks
for the life of your servant and our Founder,
Blessed Basil Moreau.
His vision of service to the Church
and the world is enlivened in us today
and calls us to continue the works
entrusted to us.

Grant us your generous grace
to meet the challenges of this day
with zeal and generosity.

May our family of Holy Cross,
through the intercession of Mary,
Mother of Sorrows,
grow in unity through ever-stronger bonds
of love and service.

We ask this grace through your Son,
Jesus the Christ. Amen.