Campus Improvements Welcome Students Back

In early August, students at Saint Mary’s College will make their way to campus to prepare for their fall 2020 semester. Driving down The Avenue, students will catch their first glimpse at several campus improvement projects that were completed while they were away. 

Starbucks and Dining Features

Students who have been asking for a “real” coffee shop will return to campus this fall with their wish granted. This summer, Saint Mary’s collaborated with the University of Notre Dame Campus Dining to bring a full signature Starbucks service to the 1844 Cafe, featuring freshly brewed drip coffee and made-to-order espresso and blended and frappuccino beverage drinks. Starbucks Signature pastries will also be served. No more brewing machines here; baristas will brew drinks made-to-order, on the spot.

With grilled foods available in the Noble Dining Hall, Saint Mary’s is also launching a refreshed menu for the 1844 Cafe, including build-your-own protein bowls. Deli sandwiches, wraps, and a daily soup special will also be available. Other additions include:

  • The Cafe will also feature an enhanced Grab N Go Program: To promote outdoor and on-the-go dining, the Cafe will offer enhanced pick-up and take-away options, including fresh salads, sandwiches, wraps, pastries, and an assortment of snacks and beverages. These menu items are designed for dining on-the-go and can be purchased by exchanging a meal swipe or with Flex Dollars. All this so you can enjoy your meals outdoors in the newly added, ample outdoor seating around the Student Center, Le Mans Hall, and other buildings. 
  • C-Store: The store will remain open, with enhanced stock and supplies to meet your day-to-day living needs.
  • Hours for the 1844 Cafe are Monday through Friday, 10–9 p.m., and Saturday and Sunday, 12–9 p.m.

Last month Saint Mary’s announced Notre Dame’s Campus Dining will be our new food vendor. ND’s Campus Dining is one of the best dining programs in the country, known for preparing an outstanding blend of healthy, comfort and performance food options. They’re also known for their best-in-class nutritional awareness, so those with food allergies, celiac disease, and other special dietary needs will be well (and tastily) supported. See Dining on Campus for more information on meal plan pricing, menu options, and how to discuss special dietary needs. 

Services to Make Life Easier

Students will now have access to free 24/7 medical and mental health services with the addition of SMC Care. Easily accessible and absolutely free for students, SMC Care is a telehealth program designed to enhance the services offered by the Health and Counseling Center. 

Shaheen Bookstore is now delivering online purchases directly to the front desk of your residence hall.The bookstore will also feature expanded store hours for the back-to-school rush service. For additional information, visit Shaheen Bookstore.

The Cushwa-Leighton Library will now offer curbside pickup of its checked-out materials. As nearly all library services are available online, this creates an easy way to safely access items. Also, the tunnel connecting the Library to Le Mans Hall is now open! This tunnel will allow students to travel from Le Mans to Trumper and the study lounges without going outside.

Security Cameras and More Campus Improvements

Last winter Saint Mary’s College purchased over 100 high-res security cameras to place around campus. Currently being installed, these cameras will eventually cover all parking lots and other high traffic areas, as well as in and around campus buildings. 

Dozens of other campus improvement projects have been completed, including central air conditioning (the west side of Le Mans Hall), new windows (Le Mans and McCandless Halls), elevator modernization (McCandless and Regina Halls), and so many others. Here are just a few of the dozens of other projects that were completed on campus this summer:

  • Alumnae Green sidewalk replacement using a higher standard of concrete so that the sidewalks last for 30–50 years.
  • Work begins on the new East Bank to Lasalle Connector pedestrian trail Monday next week. This trail will run from Angela Boulevard to the toll road entrance at 933. It will be a paved trail offset from the roadway for bicycling, running or walking. The trail will run on the west side of the road.
  • Limestone walkway was added to the rock garden.
  • Gravel lot paved, and 50 parking places added. Additional lighting was also added to make the parking area brighter and safer.
  • Replaced all metal light pole bases
  • Brother Andre Drive headed to the Library back entrance. New concrete drive with handicap accessible ramp added to the sidewalk.
  • Le Mans Circle drive and driveway concrete replacement, along with the road behind Le Mans Hall. New handicap ramps have been added to the sidewalks.
  • LeMans Hall:
    • Snow bars were added above both handicap ramps to prevent snow and ice from falling on the ramp.
    • Air conditioning in the west side of the building; the east side is scheduled for next summer.
    • Window replacement has begun; remaining windows will be replaced next summer.
    • Refinishing wood floors in the residence hall rooms has begun, along with bathrooms and light fixture upgrades
    • West handicap ramp brick wall was deteriorating. All of the brick was removed and replaced with new brick. Proper flashing and drainage was added to prolong the life of the new wall.
  • McCandless Hall:
    • Replaced the hallway carpet 
    • Replaced all windows with new double pane energy efficient windows.
    • Elevator was fully modernized with new mechanical components and new cab interior up upgraded lighting.
  • Holy Cross Hall — Installed air conditioning in the hallways to lower the temperature of the overall building in the summer.
  • Opus Hall — Replaced all of the furnaces in each apartment with new energy efficient units. The old furnaces were at their intended life expectancy.
  • Regina North:
    • Elevator was fully modernized with new mechanical components and new cab interior up upgraded lighting.
    • Created a dedicated graduate student housing floor in Regina North. Includes a new dedicated kitchen for the graduate students. 
  • Haggar College Center:
    • South entrance brick and second floor patio was rebuilt. Water was infiltrating the wall causing it to fail. Drainage was added at the foundation wall to properly get the water away from the building.
    • West steps to Welsh Parlor were replaced along with the handrail and porch area.
  • O'Laughlin Auditorium:
    • Enhancements to O'Laughlin Auditorium and the Little Theater in Moreau, including new flooring and painting.
    • Added 25 parking spaces to the front of O'Laughlin entrance. Included 6 handicap accessible parking areas closer to the handicap accessible ramp at the building.
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