Commencement 2022

A Call for Active Hope

On Saturday, May 14, 310 undergraduates and 50 graduate students claimed their degrees before family members and friends at the 2022 Saint Mary’s Commencement.

Commencement 2022Along with the main ceremony, graduates and their families celebrated with events throughout the week. Among the highlights was the 15th annual Multiethnic Graduation Celebration on May 12 that formally honored 40 graduates from diverse backgrounds; and the Commencement Mass on May 13 that brought graduates and families together in prayer in O’Laughlin Auditorium with Bishop Kevin C. Rhodes presiding. During her Commencement address, Catholic theologian M. Shawn Copeland, Ph.D., implored graduates to bring hope to the world through their endeavors. After the past two years that have been rife with upheaval, Copeland said spreading hope is necessary.

“Hope is sorely needed—not passive, acquiescent, equivocating wishing, but active, resilient, steadfast hope that acts to bring about good, that stands up for truth, that advocates and works for justice,” she said. “Hope is not superficial, not simplistic, not naive. Do not confuse hope with optimism or with ‘magical’ thinking. Hope is difficult and complex, daring and demanding.”

The event started and ended with rain, but the sunny weather during the ceremony was the ideal backdrop at Le Mans Green for a day of new beginnings with a focus on hope.

commencement 2022As the ceremony drew to a close, President Katie Conboy charged the Class of 2022 to “bear your vitalities to a world awaiting you!” “You can do this in small ways or large ones, in local or global contexts. Raise your voices—with civility and a spirit of dialogue—in any space that requires it. Create community in your personal and professional worlds. Lift up the marginalized and walk with those who need your solidarity. Embrace new challenges and opportunities. Keep stretching. Keep growing. Look more for questions than for answers,” she urged the graduates.

If students learned only one thing while at Saint Mary’s, Conboy said she hopes it is that the talents and skills that are uniquely theirs become their gifts to the world.

“When you give those gifts away generously, you will find that you somehow have more of them to give,” she said.

Honoring Multiethnic Grads

The 15th annual Multiethnic Graduation Celebration honored the diverse backgrounds and unique journeys of 40 graduates and their families. Hosted by the Office of Multicultural and International Student Services, the event formally recognized the graduates’ and their families’ support, sacrifice, resilience, and achievements. Adriana Garces Petty ’01, director of multicultural and international student affairs, said the event celebrates the achievements the graduates earned as they overcame obstacles to excel.

closing the circle 2022Senior Week Traditions

A week of activities for seniors culminated with the traditional Opening the Circle on Le Mans Green and a final walk down The Avenue, with faculty and staff lining the street to cheer along the grads. The party on The Island filled the campus with music while seniors toasted each other and danced into the evening.

A Moment of Their Own

Ten lacrosse team seniors, who would have missed their Commencement after earning a berth to the NCAA Division III Lacrosse Championship, were treated to an early ceremony this year. President Katie Conboy, faculty, and College administrators, in front of family and friends, led the student athletes through their own procession in the Angela Athletic & Wellness Complex. Wearing full regalia, and walking to a spirited version of “Pomp and Circumstance,” the seniors were able to enjoy a complete, yet small-scale ceremony, planned just for them.

Valedictorians Recognized

In a record-breaking year for the highest academic achievement, we honored six graduates as valedictorians for the Class of 2022, who graduated with degrees in business, speech language pathology, environmental studies, Spanish, social work, and statistical mathematics. Representing her cohort, Allyson Emmett delivered the valedictory address during the ceremony. “Saint Mary’s has been a bridge to connecting me to local and global communities, as well as a bridge to changing my perspective on learning through uncertainty,” Emmett told the audience. “Welcome this transition phase and know it is the space where growth and self acceptance happens.”

Commencement Honorees

This year, Saint Mary’s honored three women for their inspiring contributions to the College.

Kathryn Schneider, a friend and partner with Saint Mary’s College for more than 30 years, received the 2022 President’s Medal. As former executive director of St. Margaret’s House in South Bend—a day center that supports women and children who live in poverty—Schneider has been a role model to the entire community through her extraordinary service.

commencement 2022The College granted an honorary degree to Mary L. Burke ’85. After Saint Mary’s College, Burke earned an MBA from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. Burke’s connections to Saint Mary’s are deep: through her roles on multiple boards and alumnae clubs, notably 16 years on the Board of Trustees; and as a proud legacy—her mother, aunt, sister and several cousins are all alumnae. Her strong bonds and profound love for the College and for a Holy Cross education has made Burke one of Saint Mary’s strongest advocates and most faithful servants.

The College also honored Commencement speaker M. Shawn Copeland, Ph.D., with an honorary degree. The Saint Mary’s community has benefited from Copeland’s intellectual work on several occasions, including her visit as the 2007 Madeleva Lecturer, and this year as our 2022 Commencement speaker. She is considered one of the most influential, creative, and faithful Catholic theologians of our time.


Our legacy graduates celebrate along with their family members: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters and more who all attended Saint Mary’s. (Mothers are listed in italics; deceased alumnae denoted with an asterisk.)

Amanda Acosta, Kassandra Acosta ’20
Catherine Marie Alberts, Jessica Elizabeth Alberts ’18, Alison Y. Alberts ’20
Alexandria Baxter Arkwright, Nancy Kurtz Arkwright ’49*
Mackenzie M. Bardol, Kelli Kristine Zeese ’12
Emma Kay Burges, Rita May Sushmitha Pillai ’21
Sydney Jean Bleich, Molly O’Hara Niezer ’85, Leah Marie Kuharevicz ’09
Niamh Catherine Brophy, Barbara Brown Matthys ’65, Margaret Reynolds McBride ’64, Ellen Brown McBride ’64
Payten Terese Bruni, Zoe Considine Bruni ’19
Margaret Mary Cicchiello, Katherine Lohmuller Decker ’05, Ellen Pfister Gries ’10, Mary Pfister Pasquali ’08, Ann Coryn Lohmuller ’81, Margaret Lohmuller Pfister ’82
Brigid Eileen Conmy, Amanda Falvey Conmy ’88, Lauren Falvey Bonadies ’07, Anne Day Falvey ’84
Eileen Clare Cullina, Joanne F. Cullina ’82
Jacklyn E. Cunningham, Kelly Kristine Cunningham ’18
Emma Rose Deery, Mary Deery Oakley ’09
Brianna Marie Deitz, Ann Geary Pinola ’93
MaryKatherine Dempsey, Colleen Marie Dempsey ’20, Anne O’Connor Bucher ’90*
Grace Elisabetta Dennis, Stephanie Catherine del Pilar ’14, Alexandra del Pilar Pecina ’14
Jacqueline Kathleen Drew, Gina Kathleen Drew ’98
Madeleine Eckrich, Helen Eckrich ’20, Judith Tarnawski Eckrich ’62, Kathleen Jones Eckrich ’93, Roslyn Meta Eckrich Anderson ’89, Monica Lynch Eckrich ’91, Francine Eckrich Grace ’86, Ludith Eckrich Julian ’92
Allyson Rose Emmett, Kaitlin Jade Emmett ’20
Olivia Grace Emord, Karen Johnson Emord ’84, Patricia Johnson McCourt ’90
Elise Wilson Fahrenbach, Katherine Wilson Fahrenbach ’83, Colleen Anne Fahrenbach ’15, Margaret Maray Fahrenbach ’13, Katherine Maire Russell ’14, Madeline Wilson Spond ’14, Kelly Elisabeth Wilson ’15, Laurel Anne Wilson ’17, Susan Fahrenbach Forester ’78, Mary Pat Wilson Russell ’78
Sarah A. Fegan, Alexandra Nicole Fegan ’21
Rileigh Katherine Geelan, Bonnie Jean Gibble Geelan ’90, Kelly Jean Geelan ’18, Barbara Geelan Wareham ’94
Shannon E. Goyette, Stephanie E. Goyette ’20
Grace Elizabeth Graziano, Mary Katherine Florance Graziano ’21, Margaret Mary Graziano ’20, Margaret Reynolds McBride ’64, Ellen Brown McBride ’64, Jeanne M. Reynolds ’83
Vanessa Mae Gunter, Rebecca Pauline Gunter ’18
Natalie A. Hall, Allison Hall Vandevoorde ’18
Eleanor Catherine Hanson, Kelly Higgins Hanson ’94
Kelly Marie Harig, Lelia Burke Harig ’87, Katherine Waltner Harig ’77, Sharon Scully Harig ’77, Frances Burke Phillips ’89
Nadia Christina Hartman, Maria Diana Hartman ’19, Natalie Hartman Walker ’16, Francesca Michelle Samargin ’17
Molly Heath, Alexis Ann Pontius-Buell ’03
Lindsey A. Herdsman, Katherine Lewandowski Taylor ’01
Kathryn Antoinette Hund, Monica Lanigan Hund ’94
Anne T. Jandrain, Christine Elizabeth Jandrain ’11, Jessica Jandrain Robertson ’05
Alexis Michelle Jozwiak, Kimberly Jozwiak Depke ’00
Bridget Agnes Kane, Mary Clare Kane ’16
Anna D’Andrea Keller, Jennifer Retoske Keller ’90
Margaret Bronte Koeppl, Sophie Gracen Koeppl ’21
Emily Ann Licygiewicz, Joy Florence Viceroy ’13
McKenzie Kathleen Looney, Helen Marie Daniels Crowell ’78
Sarah M. Louth, Katherine Taylor Louth ’16
Eleanor Sullivan Lynch, Kristen Sullivan Lynch ’91, Anne Bittorf Cox ’57*, Betty Comfort Manning ’40*, Mary Murphy ’66, Ann Murphy ’74, Marcia Murphy Walsh ’65, Rita Bittorf Albert ’37*, Susan Sullivan Lane ’63, Helen Sullivan Murphy ’27*, Katherine Sullivan Murphy ’30*, Mary Ann Sullivan ’65, Louise Bittorf Sullivan ’35*
Caroline Rose Mages, Katherine Bennett Hyde ’12

Margaret A. Manning, Lauren Manning Donlan ’78
Ciara Siobhan McAleer, Meghan Catherine McAleer ’17, Colleen Mary McAleer ’13
Shannon Alyce McCloskey, Tracy McCloskey Todd ’89
Mary Kaitlyn McEleney, Anne McEleney Hargrave ’76
Samantha Elizabeth Miller, Kathleen McCarthy Miller ’86
Margaret Ellen Milligan, Grace Catherine Milliigan ’20
Anna Christina Noone, Francesca Trigiani Noone ’88, Mary Yolanda Trigiani ’79, Antonia Giovanna Trigiani ’83, Lucia Anna Trigiani ’80, Adriana Maria Trigiani ’81
Kyra Anne Obert, Kathleen Riegel Obert ’65
Wynn Elizabeth O’Brien, Gina Amick O’Brien ’95
Katherine Elizabeth O’Hara, Sheila Marie O’Riordan ’20
Jacqueline Rose O’Kane, Mary Muldoon O’Kane ’83, Cailey Rose Muldoon ’21, Sheila M. Muldoon ’85
Shealyn Francis O’Leary, Kathleen Campbell O’Leary ’80, Julie Campbell Moore ’95*
Sophia M. Olsen, Hannah Kristina Benchik ’20, Emily Moriarty Lennon ’00
Marirose Cecilia Osborne, Jacquelyn R. Renchik-Osborne ’89, Hannah Kristina Benchik ’20, Karen Cecilia Klimek ’21, Dawn Kennedy Boughal ’66, Rosemary Boughal Benchik ’61*, Betty J. Bowen Benchik ’37*, Marilyn Benchik ’89, Mary Hollies Benchik ’89
Irelyn Grace O’Shea, Kaitlyn Marie Baker ’16, McKenna Michelle O’Shea ’21, Maureen O’Shea Junge ’94, Kristie O’Shea Baker ’93
Cailtin Adair Prestage, Shannon McNamara Prestage ’86
Natalie Ann Quinlan, Courtney Marie Quinlan ’18
Kassandra Rose Richmond, Jessica Marie Richmond ’15
Valeria E. Rojas, Jaqueline Lizbeth Rojas ’21
Nicole Danielle Rust, Zita Scheidler Rust ’29*, Sandra A. VanGilder ’76
Adriana Salgado, Natalie Salgado ’19
Mary Grace Santschi, Anne Patterson Santschi ’56*
Abigail Marie Schreck, Molly Flood Schrek ’95, Laura Flood Palmer ’92, Jennifer Schrek Solloway ’98
Megan A. Shanebrook, Elizabeth Chandler Blanton ’17, Michelle Marie Chandler ’02, Melissa Chandler Wright ’07
Taylor Morgan Sharpe, Ashley Marie DeLoddere ’09
Mara Frances Slosar, Maureen McCormack Slosar ’56*
Olivia Kate Smagala, Anna Christine Smagala ’20
Erin Murphy Smith, Colleen Murphy Smith ’87
Kathleen Marie Soller, Stephanie Cunningham Ryan ’04
Molly Francis Soper, Lisa Soper Soegard ’14, Katherine Ann Soper ’18, Amy McCarthy Carney ’91, Patricia Devine McCarthy ’65*, Breeyan Creevey Antongiovanni ’02
Natalia Rose Speedon, Isabella Christine Speedon ’18
Marina Rost Staiger, Jeanette Rost Staiger ’83, Alice Rost Kecseg ’77
Hannah M. Sullivan, Theresa Sullivan Norton ’92, Bridget Mary Sullivan ’98
Riley Elizabeth Swope, Mary Elizabeth Swope ’99
Veronica Brazziel Terrell, Elizabeth Kavanaugh Terrell ’89, Claire Elizabeth Kavanaugh ’21
Abigail Dorthea Tobias, Emily Frances Tobias ’21
Briana Susan Tobin, Susan Tobin Cernugel ’92, Holly Tobin Nelson ’99
Hannah Frances Toepp, Betty Kamm Digby ’45*, Ruth Schindler Gerard ’43*, Lois K. Kamm ’36*, Harriet Kamm Nye ’35*, Jeanne Kamm O’Neill ’40*, Beth Kamm Reising ’57, Clare Reising Sobieralski ’86, Natalie Kamm Wolf Danielsson ’46*, Geraldine Teopp Burke ’27*, Rosemary Williams Toepp ’52, Martha Scanlon Toepp ’23*, Robyn Chmielewski Albert ’00, Maureen Toepp Damer ’83
Gizelle Torres-Mendez, Monica Berenice Villagomez ’18
Sarah A. Tschida, Margaret O’Hearn Tschida ’84, Laura Pfeil Elliott ’84
Katelyn Anna Ullrich, Lisa Ullrich Goodwin ’87
Katherine Theresa Underly, Samantha Marie Underly ’20
Sydney Frances Vasile, Kate Anne Vasile ’17, Allison Elizabeth Vasile ’17
Sophia Rose Vlahos, Margaret Therese Davis ’17
Rachel Elizabeth Weese, Susanne Scalise Weese ’89, Katherine Lee Weese ’20, Annette Scalise Cable ’87
Elizabeth T. Zaczyk, Carol Ross Zaczyk ’85, Valerie Renee Zaczyk ’20
Stamatia Carolyn Zembillas, Maria Katrina Leontaras ’21

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