Eva Cavadini ’12 Directs Anne of Green Gables The Musical at Saint Mary’s

Anne of Green Gables

Eva Cavadini ’12 returns to Saint Mary’s College as the director of the theatre program’s production of Anne of Green Gables The Musical. Based on L.M. Montgomery's timeless classic, the production follows the misadventures of a wildly independent orphan, Anne, with fiery red hair and a temper to match.

“I was so humbled to be asked to return to campus and step into a directing role,” shared Cavadini. “It has helped me see how far my education from Saint Mary’s has brought me, and I am so honored to be able to return the favor to these amazing students.” Cavadini has spent the past few months directing current students throughout the process, from auditions to dress rehearsals. 

Cavadini graduated with a BA in theatre from Saint Mary’s College. After graduating, she earned an MFA in acting from The Actor's Studio Drama School in New York. Returning to Saint Mary’s to work on Anne of Green Gables has allowed her to reminisce about her time as a student on campus. “There were so many amazing opportunities to work on my craft as an artist at Saint Mary’s that I think I took for granted when I was a student,” recalled Cavadini. “Outside of school, the safety net is released, and it becomes a daily grind to find your way in this industry. I have enjoyed working inside the space that gave me wings to pursue my dreams.”

The production of Anne of Green Gables is funded by the Margaret Hill Visiting Artist Series. The endowment brings theatre artists of national and international prominence to campus each year, with each visiting artist offering a presentation to the general public and private guidance to theatre students. Cavadini and Edwards offered master classes outside of regular rehearsals to help students learn and grow. Delaney Nold ’26, who plays Anne, described her experience working with Cavadini on this production as a joy. “She pushes me to explore the multi-faceted nature of acting in ways I have never experienced before. She has created a space where it is okay to try new things, take risks, and make mistakes. It is clear the impact Saint Mary’s has had on her, and it makes me excited to finish school and catapult into the professional world.”

Tenley Edvardsen ’25, who plays Rachel Lynde, shared a similar sentiment while working with Cavadini on the show. “It's been fun working with an alumna,” shared Edvardsen. “We've talked about her experiences at Saint Mary’s, and it's so cool to have someone directing who has been where you are.”

Cavadini’s time at Saint Mary’s shaped her as a professional artist. Her own experience as a student taking master classes, directing her senior comprehensive, and learning from beloved Saint Mary’s faculty is what helped her believe in herself and her ability to have a successful career in the performing arts.”It only takes one person to help you believe in yourself and your dreams,” said Cavadini. “I had many people like that here, who I now get to work alongside on this project.”

April 12, 2024

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