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The 2015 Rebuilding Together work day will take place on April 11th!

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Rebuilding Together is a nonprofit, community-based partnership of volunteers from local government, businesses, and other nonprofits, whose purpose is to improve neighborhoods by rehabilitating the homes of low-income homeowners.In 1972 a group of volunteers in Midland, Texas, decided to devote one day in April to repairing and sprucing up the homes of their low-income, disabled, and elderly neighbors. “Why, this is like Christmas in April,” they were told. The spirit of giving has spread to local affiliates across the country.

Christmas in April (St. Joseph County) began in 1989. Since then, more than 20,000 volunteers have donated their times and skills, worth millions of dollars in market value, to rehabilitate 675 homes in South Bend. In 2002 the Board of Directors of the local organization voted to change its name to Rebuilding Together, St. Joseph County. This name change aligned the local efforts with the national program and better reflected its mission of a community working together to rebuild neighborhoods. The core goal of making repairs to the homes of low-income, disabled, and elderly residents remains unaltered.

Please direct any questions to:

Samira Payne, Assistant Director, (574) 284-4265