The Office for the Common Good considers election participation central to its mission. As such, the office spends energy year-round on helping the campus and extended community to understand the vital role of its elected officials and the way citizens might engage those officials in their work. We take a four-pronged approach to election engagement including voter registration, voter education, voter mobilization (including absentee ballot assistance), and civil discourse.

Get Registered!

Registering to vote is an important step for all adults to take and grants us all the ability to help form and direct our local, state, and national governments. We encourage everyone to take the necessary initiative to ensure they are registered. It's as easy as using the button below to register!

The links for online registration can often be used to verify and change addresses for already registered voters. Please note: You may need to scan, print, and send a copy of State ID (i.e. Driver's License, Permit, or Non-Driver ID) along with applications. If you're a student at Saint Mary's (or any other college or university), do not register to vote at your school address. Instead, use your home address to register that matches your State issued ID.

Register to vote as soon as possible in order to meet deadlines. If you need help with anything especially with finding addresses for where to send a mail-in application, contact the Office for the Common Good at