Agencies Working with the Homeless



Phone: (574) 282-8700 x81310

Website: www.cfh.net

Background: The Mission of the Center is to provide an hospitable environment where homeless persons can find respect and dignity as well as comprehensive and integrated services to address their particular set of needs. The objective is to involve widespread community support in this endeavor, ad through volunteerism to bring together disparate groups n our society so that each can discover the dignity, worth and God-given potential of the other.

Volunteers: Volunteers can work in many areas in the Center. They can manage the front desk, help with the serving of meals, work with the children and families and tutors and friends, work with the facilities at the Center or help with administrative and organizational tasks.
Training Provided: 2 hour orientation including a presentation on the Center, speakers (Center guests, current volunteers), volunteer application, and a tour of the Center. Accepted applicants then receive one or two training shifts.


Phone: (574) 235-4150 x222

Website: www.hopesb.org

Background: Hope Ministries was started over twenty-five years ago to serve the destitute and homeless people of South Bend. It is a Christian service operated cooperatively by a group of Christian Churches in the community. They work primarily with homeless and low-income persons by providing shelter, meals, casework, and spiritual guidance.

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed at Hope to help serve meals, assist with the maintenance of the facility, visit residents on a one-to-one basis. Gifts of food and clothing are welcome.