Organizations Working with Women



Phone (574) 254-5309

Website: www.hannahshousemichiana.com

Background: Hannah's House offers a loving home to young women while they are pregnant. Complete prenatal care is provided through Mishawaka/St. Joseph Hospital and counseling and self-help programs are available at the home. Opportunity is provided for continuing education. Assistance is provided to residents as they decide whether to parent or place their infants for adoption. Hannah's House is a program of Catholic Charities.

Volunteers: There are many ways to be involved including assisting with clerical work, serving as a labor coach, being a driver, serving as a respite houseparent, joining with a Prayer Partner, being a Big sister/Mentor or Tutor, or offering to teach skills such as crafting, needlework, cooking, or gardening. We also always need help with house maintenance.


Phone: (574) 234-7795

Website: www.stmargaretshouse.org

Background: St. Margaret's House is a center for women. It provides a place offering friendship and understanding, a clearing house for other resources in the area, a kitchen, snacks, beverages and lunch, a place to take a bath or shower, a place to do laundry, a safe place for children to play, a place to make phone calls and cool off in the summer.

Volunteers: Women volunteers are needed to help with children, answer the phone, and serve as hostess for guests. Volunteers could also help with literacy work, tutoring for the GED, cooking, aerobics, spiritual groups, and other activities that would be useful to the guests. Volunteers are needed during daytime hours on weekdays and are expected to commit to 2-3 hours a week.


Phone: (574) 234-0363 (South Bend)

           (574) 252-3680 (Mishawaka)

Website: www.womenscarecenter.org

Background: The Women's Care Center was founded by a concerned group of people who realized the need to give pregnant women support so that they could consider carrying their pregnancies to term. They seek to assist individuals and couples facing a possible problem pregnancy by offering a warm, supportive environment in which potential difficulties surrounding the pregnancy can be explored. The Women's Care Center also provides women with the care they need to carry their pregnancies to term.

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed to assist in welcoming pregnant women and couples and beginning the process of assisting them to gather the resources that they need to complete the pregnancy. Some volunteers do counseling while others help with administrative work. Volunteers are expected to commit to 6 hours a week. A three day training weekend at Moreau Seminary is provided for all volunteers.


Phone: (574) 233-9491

Website: www.ywca.org/site/pp.asp?c=gtJRJ9MWIwE&b=477203

Background: The Women's Shelter has been established because the YWCA believes that women have the right to live in a safe, healthy environment. A safe place is the most immediate need of a woman in crisis especially a physically abused woman. The YWCA also provides services for women struggling with substance abuse.

Volunteers: Volunteers are needed at the Women's Shelter to listen, provide transportation, tutor, work with children, and to perform other important services. Volunteers are expected to work 2-4 hours a week. 20 hours of on-site training is provided. Internships are also available. Also, Monitors and Mediators for the Domestic Violence program are needed.