Help and Technical Support for Online Learning


Computers running either Windows or Mac operating systems can use the course management system.  You will need an Internet browser along with access to the Internet with a speed of DSL/cable or higher.  Dial-in will be too slow.

It is strongly encouraged to have more than one browser available on your computer.  For detailed information of which operating systems and which browsers support the use of the course management system please click here


How to check the version of your browser?

On Windows,

  1. At the top of the web browser click HELP.
  2. From the Help menu, click ABOUT...
  3. The version name and number of your browser will appear.

On a Mac,

  1. At the top of the web browser, click Safari or Chrome
  2. Select the first item, About ...
  3. The version number should appear in a window.



To obtain your Saint Mary's e-mail account, please visit:

Select the option to Get Account.

You will need to know your student ID number and your birth date to retrieve your account information.

It is important you complete this process on a computer connected to a printer so you can print your account information for later reference. (see "I forgot my password/username" below)

You must agree to the Policy on the Responsible Use of College Computers and the Internet @ Saint Mary's College by clicking the check box on that page and clicking on the Activate button. You can read the policy at:

How do I change my password?

Follow the directions on this link:

I forgot my password/username. How do I retrieve it?

In online courses if you forget your password/username you will have to call the Helpdesk at 574-284-4715 and they will only be able to reset the password/username to the original setting as it was when you first obtained your account.  (See "Obtaining Your Saint Mary's E-mail Account" above)



If you experience any issues accessing your course in the course management system:

  • Search the online resources for assistance
    Video Tutorials
  • Record any error message you encounter (Don’t rely on your memory)
  • Note what course tool you were using when the error occurred
  • If you have had difficulty uploading files, or any other operation isn’t working as it should, try the same operation with another browser.

If you still need help, send an email to our Helpdesk ( or call 574.284.2715 describing your problem. 

  • What you were attempting to do,
  • The Name or Course ID of the Course and specific area,
  • Any error messages
  • Your Browser’s Version and computer platform you are using. 


"Why am I not getting emails through the course management system?"

The course management system automatically lists your Saint Mary's College email address. All email messages sent through the course management system will be sent to that account. You may change the email by navigating to the Profiles area, upper-right of window where you name appears, click to open the Profile and type in a new email under Contact Information.  For more information on Profiles view the video by clicking here


"I am having a problem uploading a file in the course management system."

Verify from the list below that the file name does not contain invalid characters.
Acceptable characters include:
Numbers (0-9)
Period (.)
Underscores (_)


Invalid File Names

Valid File Names

file one.doc









Opening Attachments:

Throughout your course and/or in an email you may receive an attachment(s).  This(es) are files available for your viewing but will require you have the necessary software on your local computer to open them.  If you have difficulty opening the attachment(s) contact the Helpdesk at