Library Resources

  1. Library assistance is available in multiple forms.  First, check to see if your Blackboard course has a navigation button on the left called “Research Guide.”  This will connect you to information resources in your subject area and the contact information for a librarian who can help you.  You can also connect directly with a librarian by clicking on the “Get Help” link on the library home page.
  2. Many of the journal articles are available in full text through the Research Guides’ tab called “Articles.”  If you need a journal article that is not available in electronic format and is in the library’s print collection or owned by another library it can be sent to you electronically.  From the library home page click on the link to Interlibrary Loan and select, Interlibrary Loan Article Request. 
  3. If you need a book from our collection, we will find the book and mail it to you.  Contact your librarian with your request.
  4. Your professor may place materials for your class on electronic reserve in the “Documents” areas of your blackboard course.
  5. If you need a book from another library, it may be at a library near you.
  • We will borrow it for you from another library—simply fill out an Interlibrary Loan request form. We will mail it to you,  OR
  • You can search for the book at When you have identified the book you need, fill in your zip code in the box near the bottom of the screen. Libraries near your zip code, which have the book will display. Check with those libraries to see if you can get a borrower’s card or you can almost always use the book in the library without checking it out.
Update 010713