Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

Effective June 1, 2015 Saint Mary’s College’s dental insurance is offered through Aetna Dental.

Group Number - 847836
Customer Service Telephone Number – 877-238-6200
Web Site –

Immediately upon employment, full-time employees are eligible to enroll in a group dental insurance plan through Aetna Dental. 

There is a 31-day election period for employees to enroll. If an employee declines coverage upon hire, enrollment can occur only if the employee has a life-style status event OR applies during open enrollment. Open enrollment occurs during the month of May with an effective date of June 1.

Employees may choose from one of three different options. View the Aetna Dental Insurance Benefit Sheets below for details.

Benefits are available on a single or family plan basis. The family plan covers the employee’s spouse and her/his dependent children under the age of 26. The plan covers dependent children up to age 26 and are not covered under any other dental care plan as an employee. Please refer to the Benefits-in-Brief sheet for current costs of the plans.

For your convenience you may download and print the following information and forms. Copies are also available in the Human Resources Office.

Saint Mary’s College Policy (pdf) - Dental Policy Information - N/A

Enrollment/Change Form  - Please use this form to sign up for dental insurance or to make any changes to existing coverage.

Certificate of Insurance Summary – Option 1 (pdf) - Summary of Dental Benefits under Option 1 - N/A

Certificate of Insurance Summary – Option 2 (pdf) - Summary of Dental Benefits under Option 2. - N/A

Certificate of Insurance Summary – Option 3 (pdf) - Summary of Dental Benefits under Option 3. - N/A

Dental Benefits Summary High Plan:  Benefits Summary 

Dental Benefits Summary Medium Plan:  Benefits Summary

Dental Benefits Summary Low Plan:  Benefits Summary