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Video Tutorials 

     Students           Instructors      

Students - A list of tools with "how-to" videos

Tool Links to Videos
Assignments       Submitting an Assignment
Blogs  Creating and Editing a Blog Entry     
Calendar  How to Use the Calendar
Content Editor     Using the Content Editor
Course Messages     How to Send and Receive Course Messages   
Discussion Board  How to Use the Discussion Board
Email   How to Send Email from Your Course
Grades  1. Checking Your Grades 
 2. Viewing Long Feedback

 1. Working in Groups
 2. Customizing Group HomePage

Journals  Creating and Commenting on Journal Entries  
MyBlackboard  1. Profiles
 2. MyEDU Profile
 3. Editing Personal Information & Privacy Options
 4. Adding an Avator
My Saint Mary's 

 Setting You My Saint Mary's Page

Navigation   How to Quickly Jump from one Course to Another  
Notifications  Setting Your Notifications Options
Tasks  How to Create & Manage Tasks
Tests  1. Taking a Test Online 
 2. Taking a Test Using Firefox 31 
Wiki Creating & Editing Wiki Pages 

Instructors - A list of tools with "how-to" videos

Tool Links to Videos
Announcements        How to Create Announcements in Your Course       
Availability - Courses  How to Make Your Course Available to Students

 1. How to Create a Blog
 2. Creating & Editing a Blog Entry

Calendar  Using the Calendar
Content Editor  Using the Content Editor
Date Management  Automatically Adjust Dates in a Copied Course
Discussion Board  How to Create Discussion Board Forums

Email (external) vs.
Messages (internal) 

 Email - How to Send Email
 Messages - How to Send & Receive Course Messages 

Entry Point  Design Your Course Entry Point
Glossary  How to Add a Glossary Term
Goals  1. Align Content to Goals
 2. Run a Goals Report 
Grade Center  1. Customize
 2. Grade Details - View Attempts & Assign Grades
 3. Create a Smart View
 4. Color Coding
 5. Download/Upload Grades to/from a Spreadsheet 
Grading - Collaborative Tools  Grading Blogs, Discussions, Journals, Wikis
Groups  How to Work with Student Groups

 1. Create a Journal
 2. Create & Comment on Journal Entries 

Learning Modules  Add Content to a Learning Module
Menus  Adding a Page to the Course Menu
MyBlackboard  1. Profiles
 2. Global Navigation & MyBlackboard
 3. Add an Avatar 
My Courses Module  Organizing Your List of Courses including Hiding Courses
My Saint Mary's

 Customize Your My Saint Mary's Page

Navigation  How to Jump from One Course to Another
Notifications  How to Set Your Notification Options
Orientation  Getting Oriented
Retention Center  The Retention Center

 1. Create a Rubric for Grading Student Work
 2. How to Grade Using a Rubric 

SafeAssign  How to Use SafeAssgin
Tasks  Create & Manage Tasks
Teaching Styles  Customizing Your Course - (recorded using Collaborate)
Tests, Surveys, & Pools  1. Create a Test
 2. Set Test Options
 3. Build a Pool of Test Questions
 4. Create a Random Block of Test Questions
 5. Using Item Analysis
 6. Upload Test Questions from Excel 
Textbooks & Publisher Content  Add Textbooks Information & Publisher Content
Tool Link  1. Add a Tool Link to Your Course
 2. Turn Tools On/Off  
Tracking (Stats)  Create an Item Statistics Report
Wikis  1. Create & Edit a Wiki Page
 2. Create & Manage Wikis 

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